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Epiphanies From Gilmore Girls and Other Random Thoughts

I was in my 20s when Gilmore Girls ruled the WB.  I absolutely loved everything about the show- the fast-paced, clever dialogue, the relationships, the possibilities…I wanted still want to live in Stars Hollow, with all the crazy characters, charm, and quirk that the town had to offer. Recently, I found myself turning on a… Continue reading Epiphanies From Gilmore Girls and Other Random Thoughts

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A San Antonio Can’t Miss- The SAFD Fire Museum

Just a block from the Alamo, in the heart of downtown San Antonio, sits a stately stone building teeming with history and character.  Built in 1938 and once used as the Central Fire Headquarters, this classic historic structure now houses the San Antonio Fire Museum. This fire station is not only embedded in the history… Continue reading A San Antonio Can’t Miss- The SAFD Fire Museum


The Internship I Didn’t Expect

OH. MY. HOTFUDGESUNDAE.  Okay, so the other day in my post, I mentioned that I’d been working on securing my internship for the Fall.  I attended an orientation for Habitat for Humanity and was ready to turn in my paperwork for that internship.  I had applied for another one, but was pretty resigned to not… Continue reading The Internship I Didn’t Expect


Starfish and Inspiration

Hey, friends! I know…I’m, like, the most unreliable blogger EVER.  I’m so sorry!  At some point, life has to slow down a little, right?  RIGHT???  So much for the lazy days of summer… But today, I’m super excited!  With my newly re-organized craft room, I’m finally getting my inspiration (and motivation) back.  YAY! It’s still… Continue reading Starfish and Inspiration

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Summer San Antonio Bucket List

When you grow up in an area, you tend to take for granted everything it has to offer.  Even as you hear about new or improved happenings, you may give it a passing acknowledgement, but then go about your business.  Routines are fantastic.  I’m a strong supporter of routines and having regular, familiar places to… Continue reading Summer San Antonio Bucket List