Craft Project

Quick and Easy Woodcraft Project!

Finished A Finished G

If you’ve ever shared a room with someone, you know how important it is to have something that stands out as yours, and helps personalize your space.  I recently made these letters for my nieces to hang in their bedroom.  I’m not gonna lie, this project is so easy that I actually struggled with whether I should blog about it, but then I remembered how many things I’ve found on different sites that WERE super simple, but inspired me.  So hopefully I can inspire your creativity by showing you what I came up with.

This project can be as easy or in-depth as you want it.  The most important thing, I think, is to keep in mind the person you’re making it for.

Here’s what you’ll need (you can find everything at your local craft store!):

Pressed wood letters

Rough letters

Small wooden letters (I bought these in a package at my local craft store)

   wooden letters



Stencil (optional)


Some other things you’ll need:

  • Glue gun
  • Sand paper or sanding block
  • Primer

Let’s get started!!  I know it’s not fun, but it’s necessary if you want to do it right…sanding.  The pressed wood letters are pretty smooth, but you’ll need to sand the edges to smooth them down, and do a quick run over the surface to rough it up a little.  This will help the primer and paint adhere more completely.

Once you’ve sanded it all down, you’re ready to prime the letters.  I’m not gonna lie, I  hate priming.  But it really does give you a truer final color once you paint, and you’ll be happy you added that step to the process!

Okay, you’re all sanded and primed and ready to be creative!!  This is the fun part, so enjoy it!!!!  The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing the letters.   Pick your pallet, then you can paint the smaller letters that make up the name or words you want to add.

Pick your placement and hot glue the letters down.  Each has its own individual look:

close up A

close up G

The foundation of your project is now complete!  Finishing it up is all in the details.

My older niece is a preteen, so I wanted to keep it simple and focus on popular color combinations:

Grace details

grace details 2

Final Product:

Finished G

My younger niece is much more of a free spirit, and lives her entire life with a sense of whimsy, so I tried to incorporate that into her letter:

With a fun swirl stencil

alena swirls

A beachy vibe

alena closeup

Oh, and she LOVES hidden Mickeys

hidden mickey

The finished product:

Finished A

Both girls absolutely loved their letters and I had so much fun making them!!

What inspires you to “get your creative on?”

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