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You Want Me? Don’t Be My Knight In Shining Armour


I’ve never been the sort of girl

Who wanted a white knight on a horse.

I don’t need to be rescued.

I don’t want to be saved.

I’m not lost for you to find me;

But I’m a challenge like you wouldn’t believe.

I need adventure- side by side.

Someone to stimulate my life and my mind.

I need a dance partner in the rain,

Not shelter from the storm.

Don’t assume I need you there

At every twist and turn.

I need you to want to share life-

The joy, the pain, and the lessons we learn.

Accept me for who I am,

Not who you assume for me to be.

Every part of me is a puzzle

With pieces that fit if you take the time.

Every part of me is a person

Whose scars are on the line.

I need to laugh, I need to cry,

I need to fight, and trust you’ll stand by.

My emotions shouldn’t scare you

Please don’t let misconceptions stop you.

Step down off that white horse

And take a chance on me.

©Carrie Klein
∗The author retains all rights to the above copyrighted material. Please feel free to reblog or share, but include author credits. Thanks! ♥

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