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We spun around in circles

Turning each others’ wheels

For years we prayed for miracles

We tried to strike some sort of deal

We knew if we could get it right

The rest would fall in place

Yet somehow we didn’t have the fight

We couldn’t work in the others’ space

How could I know when you chose to leave

That it was the right thing to do?

When every time I’d walked away

You pulled me back in to you…

But now that you’re gone, I can finally see

I want so much more from life

Than the sense of normalcy you could offer me

And to actively avoid strife

You see, I’m not made for average-

Lord knows how hard I’ve tried

And I may not have it all figured out

But for now there’s no need to decide

So thank you for leaving without a word

It stalled those spinning wheels

And set me free to finally pack up and move on

To a life less ordinary- and adventures that had been concealed.

©Carrie Klein


∗The author retains all rights to the above copyrighted material. Please feel free to reblog or share, but include author credits. Thanks!

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