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The Evolution Of Change


She lay in the grass

Staring up at the sky.

Watching the clouds shift,

She asked herself, “Why?”

Why do things change,

When they’re so perfect to start?

Why must they disappear

Or tear themselves apart?

“But alas,” a voice whispered

Softly in her ear,

“Things must change, or die.

It’s nothing to truly fear.”

She thought this through

As she walked on her way.

She still didn’t believe

Things had to go astray.

“You’re missing the point,”

The voice whispered again.

“You see, you must write life

In pencil, not pen.

Because as you learn,

Everything grows and will change.

What used to seem ordinary,

Will soon feel strange.”

“I understand now,” she said

As she skipped down the street.

She felt lighter in her new knowledge-

Life was shifting and changing, right under her feet.

©Carrie Klein
∗The author retains all rights to the above copyrighted material. Please feel free to reblog or share, but include author credits. Thanks! ♥

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