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Be Amazing. Be You- An Open Letter To Everyone

Adventure still life with retro navy compass and map

We wander through life searching for our place.  We make new discoveries, we lose our way.  Sometimes we need to be alone, and sometimes all we need is a smile, or a familiar face.

Somewhere along the way, we decided we can do it on our own.  That “autonomous” is somehow synonymous with “success.”

Society dictates that our lives are mapped on a particular route.

But how narrow is that??

A world of people- lost and struggling- all trying to attain an ideal that nobody really possesses.

Break from the mold and own it!  Choose your own adventure! Nobody can steal an inner light that is so deeply-rooted in personal beliefs as to radiate on its own power.  The “things” we try so hard to attain, only have meaning because they become defined as such.

So define your own meaning-

Define your own importance, and the world will see your success, whatever it looks like.  Don’t let the faceless abyss label your story.

puzzle adventure

Hold on to your dreams-

Maybe you attain them.  Maybe you don’t.  But there is no shame in the pursuit of a dreamThere is no shame in redefining a dream.  The only shame is in what you let others make you feel.  And even then, the shame should be theirs, not yours.



A life can be built on so many things.  Don’t ever let someone diminish you because your world isn’t the same shape as theirs.

Surround yourself with those that would support your adventure.  This is a lifetime process.

But more than that-  these people encourage your life and would never denounce it.  Those that love you, do so with your happiness as their only motivation.  They want you to shine in your own radiance.


So be amazing-

Whatever form that takes for you!


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