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Transitioning A Closet In Texas- I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means

I’ve watched a lot of house hunting shows in my day.  And one thing always sticks with me.  A couple walks into a bedroom, opens the closet door, and this:

“That’s a nice sized closet”

tiny closet


Now, I don’t want to make generalizations, but the people depicted usually seem to be from the North or Northeast. I’ve never heard a Texas girl say that. Ever.

So I asked one of my closest friends about it, because she moved to the northeast a few years ago.  Her explanation: “well, the best I can say is that up there, people usually transition their wardrobes for the season.”

Oh.  Okay, that makes sense.  But I do that twice a year too.

When I look at that closet, I think maybe I could add some shelves and hooks and it would be a nice shoe and purse closet. But that’s about it.

And that just makes me sound spoiled.

But here’s the thing (and if you’re from Texas or other seasonally-challenged state, you’ll completely understand), our seasons are “special.”

texas seasons

There’s no such thing as a traditional season.  If you load your closet with sweaters and pack up short-sleeved shirts, you’re just dooming yourself.  It’s a rookie mistake.

I was able to find an official pie graph to illustrate my point further:

seasons in texas

In Texas, transitioning your closet is LESS about changing clothes out, and MORE about making room to add extra clothes.

This was my challenge this weekend.  Challenge. Accepted.

First off, it turns out I have 23 cardigans.  Does that number seem low to anyone else?  (You can never have too many cardigans).

Long sleeved, short sleeved, 3/4 sleeved.  I ♥ cardigans.

Organization 021

So my bottom rack is dedicated 1/2 to cardigans (and other sweaters), and  1/2 to post-workout cover ups.

I think this speaks volumes about me…I’m sure a psychologist would have all sorts of things to say about that.

Moving on…

Next, I have a section for regular 3/4 sleeved tops and short-sleeved tops that I can layer (with cardigans!).   It turns out, I don’t have any long-sleeved shirts…I know, it was a surprise to me too. Shopping trip, mayhaps??  (I’d probably end up buying layering pieces.  Like cardigans…)

Organization 018

I created a divider in my closet with a small shelf (it’s supposed to be for shoes.  I’m using it to it’s fullest purpose!), where I stacked all of my beautiful heels that I don’t get to wear right now (at least I get to look at them?).  Underneath, I stacked my casual pants and jeans, and base layer tanks (no judging the tidiness of the stacks!).

Organization 019

On the other side of the divider are my hanging tanks that I can layer (with cardigans! Weeeeeee) and all of my fun dresses, skirts, and dress pants (*sniffle* I miss wearing pretty clothes). 

Organization 020           Organization 022

I managed to pack up a few things that were not conducive to layering, but you get the idea 🙂

So in conclusion, a girl in Texas is not SPOILED for wanting a walk-in closet, it’s really a NECESSITY.  There’s no way around it.

What creative ways do you have for handling the seasonal transitions?

2 thoughts on “Transitioning A Closet In Texas- I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means

    1. And weirdly, I almost always feel like I have nothing to wear or I revert to workout capris and top 😛

      I have so many “work clothes” that I don’t feel like I can wear right now…*sigh* I guess I could be the best dressed person at school 😉 haha


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