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I Am So Excited For Monday!!

No, I haven’t suffered a brain injury.  And yes, I know you’re silently judging me.  But that’s okay 🙂

Because on Monday, I’m premiering a new series that I’m super excited about! 

It’s called The Lemon Tree, and it’s all about making you feel amazing about yourself!  My hope is that you’ll relate to a good amount of it, ponder some things you maybe had never thought about before, and most of all, be INSPIRED by it.

And since it’s a series, there’s plenty of time to tackle all sorts of ideas! I want you to feel good about your life, and to get ideas you can apply to your life course.  I want you to say “Oh my gosh that’s so true,” and “that’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that??”

I want you to laugh (but not to cry), I want you to think; and I want you to IMAGINE. 

Imagine the possibilities. 

Imagine the results. 

Imagine the journey.

I want you to ask “what if?”  And really think about it.  You can’t change your thinking without changing your thoughts!

So let’s get started!!

Check in on Monday and see what’s what!

be beautiful

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