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What Happens When You Stop Conforming, And Start BEING…

Did you know that there are 583 bajillion (note: number may be slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect) people on this earth?  And did you also know, that despite 99.99% identical DNA, even identical twins aren’t the same?

Every. Single. Person. is different.  Guess what that means…

That’s right!  It means that you are an amazingly beautiful, original, unique soul, with something extra special to add to the world! 

It also means you are here for your very own challenging, intriguing, HARD journey.

So why is everyone trying so hard to be like everyone else?  Why work twice as hard to conform to an undifferentiated society, when it’s so much easier (truly) to forge your own path?


I tried for a very large portion of my life to live up to what I knew society expected of me.  And time after time, I failed.  Can you guess what that did for my self-concept?

Those milestones that I watched others meet and pass, yet I wasn’t able to accomplish.  But that path wasn’t for me.  Are there conventional goals I still strive to accomplish?  Absolutely.  But my journey is different.  I’ve never been the sort who took the short (or obvious) path.

When I stopped looking at my life as a series of goals, and started seeing it as an ongoing journey, something strange happened-




All of those words replaced one truly hideous one- Failure (dun dun dun)

Not long ago, I perceived every new venture as “starting over.”  But it’s not starting over (if I was starting over, I’d be 25 all over again.  THAT hasn’t happened).  It’s another step on the grand staircase of my life course.  I’ve learned so much about the world and life from everything I’ve done.

And I’m still learning.  Every. Single. Day.

Don’t be afraid to be you!  I know most people tear themselves up, thinking “I can’t do that!  People expect things from me!”

Guess what?

If you choose a course, and really OWN IT, people can’t tear you down. 

Living by others’ expectations only breeds regret.

When you go confidently down your path, you inspire.  Nobody can take that away from you!

beauty begins

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