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Remember To Count Your Blessings, Especially When Life Gets Hard

be thankful

You know those times when it feels like the world is caving in right on top of you?  Money stress, family stress, life stress…EVERYTHING just feels like it’s happening at once.

Your shoulders are perpetually tight.  Your mind is racing. It feels harder to JUST BREATHE.  And it feels like life is never going to be easy again.

Trust me, I’ve been there.  I feel your pain!

It’s so, SO easy to get completely caught up in all of that mess.  It can become overbearing.  You just KNOW that if life would ease up on you, you’d instantly lose at least 20 pounds just from the weight of the world being off your shoulders!

These are the moments when it’s MOST IMPORTANT to really focus on the good stuff!

Sit in silence and just think.  Really focus on what’s going positively for you (there’s always something, even if you have to dig deep!).  It doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Actually, this is when the little things really matter the most!

Put pen to paper- Make a list.  Write it down.  Having something tangible to look at and reflect on can make all the difference in the world!  Then repeat it.  Over.  And over. And over.

Make it a mantra.

The more you can see how amazing the tiny things are, the more gratitude you’ll have when the really big stuff happens!

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