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101 In 1001

About a year and a half ago, my amazing friend Alissa at alisueonthemove introduced me to this novel idea called 101 in 1001.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this, it’s a challenge that originated with the Day Zero Project, in which you make a list of 101 things you’d like to achieve in a 1001 day time frame (approximately 2.75 years).  It can be big goals, small goals, group goals, wish-list items…you get the idea 🙂

I’m FINALLY ready to commit to my list!  I’ll post updates as I accomplish my goals, and I’m so excited to get it going!

101 in 1001 chalkboard

START DATE: DECEMBER 1, 2014                                    
END DATE:  AUGUST 28, 2017

1.  Do the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my sister

2.  Lose 5 inches in my waist

3.  Buy a 64 ounce water bottle

4.  Drink 64 ounces of water a day as a habit

5.  Conquer my lip-biting nervous habit

6.  RUN a 5k without any walking

7.  Try yoga or piyo

8.  Be able to do “the 100” without stopping

9.  Have a smooth core silouhette

10. Regain flexibility to do left and right splits again

11. Try meditation

12. Do Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon with Alissa

13. Become a member of #sweatpink or #fitfluential

14. Conquer nightly snack habit for two weeks

15. Wear a bikini after I turn 40

16. Get laser hair removal

17. Try baking without wheat flour

18. Commit to no less than 15 miles per week

19. Go hiking

20. Reach my goal weight

21. Hike Enchanted Rock

22. Find a well-rounded breakfast I can stick to

23. Be able to do 50 high kicks again


24. Go to a concert on a beach

25. Get a new passport

26. Have a CP reunion in Florida

27. Take a girl’s trip

28. Go to Washington, D.C.

29. Visit Allie in Rhode Island (Massachusetts?)

30. Visit Alissa in Virginia

31. Take a trip with Amy

32. Visit 5 museums I’ve never been to before

33. Explore a haunted location

34. Go to a Jimmy Buffett concert

35. Go to the beach

36. Do the dessert viewing package for the Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom


37. Write a list of 5 things I want in a man

38. Meet my husband

39. Establish a consistent blogging schedule

40. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to find

41. Spend a day completely disconnected

42. Buy a new phone

43. Buy a new computer

44. Send out 10 cards letting people know I’m thinking about them

45. Get all social media organized

46. Buy a giftcard for the person behind me at Starbucks

47. Instagram my progress on challenges

48. Blog about progress on challenges

49. Leave “love notes” of inspiration on 10 random cars

50. Make lists of the positive attributes of all of my loved ones

51. Send someone a care package for no reason

52. Talk to someone who intimidates me, and don’t be intimidated

53. Complete an alphabet photo series on instagram

54. Learn to be nicer when people frustrate me

55. Send flowers to a friend

56. Be a motivating influence for someone

57. Join bloglovin’ and blogher

58. Write a guest post for someone’s blog

59. Leave a 100% tip at a restaurant

60. Learn photoshop

61. Get to 500 blog followers


62. Work Handicraft and Whimsy at a craft show

63. Get a square credit card reader

64. Build a daybed

65. Buy a new comforter

66. Use ONLY reusable grocery bags

67. Pay off credit card

68. Create and follow a monthly allowance

69. Compile a list of my life accomplishments so far

70. Figure out what I want to do with my life

71. Change all household light bulbs to “natural light” light bulbs

72. Update my resume

73. Clean out my storage unit

74. Make business cards

75. Make contact cards

76. Get new glasses

77. Re-do bathroom

78. Save $10 for every completed challenge


79. Buy a perfect LBD

80. Graduate with sociology degree with honors

81. Take the GRE

82. Get into grad school

83. Move

84. Buy a nice winter coat

85. Buy a nice light-weight trench

86. Complete 30 day push challenge

87. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

88. Get a Mickey 13.1 tattoo

89. Master French pronunciation

90. Get a Disney internship

91. Write a short story

92. Get adopted by a new kitty

93. See Newsies on stage

94. See a ballet

95. Buy my mom a new crock pot

96. Help my dad build a new garden

97. Survive turning 40

98. Get more in-depth knowledge of world religions

99. Read all of my Jane Austen books

100. Answer “The 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”

101. Wear pink on Wednesdays

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