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You Are Enough- Self-Realization In Iambic Pentameter (Just Kidding…I Prefer Pictures)

Since starting my Lemon Tree Series, I’ve had several people ask me what my motivation was for doing it.  (Okay, they actually asked “why?” but I chose to read the subtext).

So here’s the thing- I’m not some sort of motivational guru.  I’m not a psychologist.  I don’t have a Ph.D. in positive vibes. 

I’m a girl who spent a large portion of my life trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be (only to find out I was often mistaken).  I’m a girl who has spent years working towards living authentically and by my own standards rather than those of the larger society.  I’m a girl who still struggles daily with perfectionist tendencies. 

I’m on a mission to help people realize that who they are- who they truly, authentically are- is good enough.  Not just enough-  But Beautiful. And amazing!

you are enough

♥ I believe so many of us let the world dictate who we should be

♥ I believe we are taught a preconceived idea of what success looks like

♥ I believe that there is so much of us that is stifled by the stress of just trying to live and get by

♥ I believe that every single one of us has something really special to offer the world around us

♥ I believe that it IS possible to live outside of the social norm

♥ I believe that when people feel good about themselves, and truly love themselves, the capacity to bully doesn’t exist

♥ I believe that when you realize your own worth, and understand how beautiful you are, the need to help others realize their own beauty can’t be contained

What would happen

The source of all bullying stems from a complete insecurity and disconnect from a person’s own self-worth.  When we can stand and be silent in our own awesomeness, we don’t pass off any insecurities to others.  We don’t perpetuate negativity.

Which isn’t to say that changing your thinking is easy.

You have to fake it ’til you make it

When I started this process, I didn’t look in the mirror every day and love what I saw.  I still don’t.  But what I DO manage every day, is to compliment myself.  Mostly in a tongue in cheek fashion:

“I know I’m awesome”

“Wow.  I’m hot.”

“OHMYGOD I’m so smart!”

Seriously, I say stuff like this every day.  Because I realized the first step was to stop taking myself so seriously! (although I AM, in fact, awesome, hot, and crazy smart) 😉

Okay, so I think I got a little off topic.

Love yourself.  Because when you don’t love yourself, you become mean.  First you become mean to yourself.  Then you become mean toward others.  The meanness may can be as “harmless” as passing judgement, or it may be as extreme as full-out bullying.

And I don’t care who it’s aimed at, being mean stinks

For real…don’t do it.  That’s not cool at all…

Wouldn’t it be awesome to eradicate bullying??

It starts with you though.  And that’s my goal with The Lemon Tree.  To spread the positive vibes.  To help you think about how beautiful and amazing you are.  To motivate others to live in light and positivity; not negativity and bleakness.  To help you take the steps to live every single day appreciating who you are and loving it!

You don’t have to love every day (you’re not a saint), but you SHOULD love yourself every day.

let me repeat


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