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It’s Time To Get Real About My Fitness: Confessions Of A Perfectionist

Confession: I’ve been slacking.

It’s true.  I’ve addressed it before, but apparently public shaming isn’t enough to force me to step it up.  So it’s clearly time for some tough love.

Fitness is important to me.  The older I get, the more important it gets.  I’ve faced several roadblocks beyond my control that have prevented me from having the body I want and feel I’ve worked for, but I know that I’m strong and (relatively) healthy.

Before I was laid off, I was in a pretty solid routine of post-work workouts.

Since then, it’s been a bit of a consistent downward spiral in terms of frequency of workouts, and intensity (which makes absolutely  no sense!).

should you work out today

It’s time to lay it all out.  It’s time to address the excuses.  And it’s time to move forward!

The Excuses
  • My workout buddy is inconsistent and I’ve let that pattern rub off on me
  • Nobody else in my family works out like I do, and I’ve fallen into their spell of not wanting to be left out of things, so skipping my workout to go along
  • Going back to school has been a crazy, hectic ride, and huge time commitment
  • I’m completely, down-to-the-bone tired
  • Lots of family drama over the last year
  • End of semester is coming to a head, and combined with my dad’s surgery life has been too crazy
  • I eat my feelings and chocolate makes things better
  • I’m a creature of habit, so if I don’t get my workout at the time of day I’m used to, it’s a wash (dumb, I know)
  • My mom tells me I should cut myself some slack with everything that’s going on, so I do

There it is.  The down and dirty excuses.  All laid out like the laundry day underpants.

And yet, I have the nerve to be upset that I’m not seeing changes in my body.

work you didn't do

*sigh*   I refuse to bully myself about it.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m thoroughly anti-bullying!


So instead, I’ll pull out mommy-mode on myself:

I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.


I can do better!!  Watching a couple of my family members NOT putting forth the effort to improve their situations, while concurrently complaining about their situations, has recently left me in a perpetual state of frustration and anger.  I needed to redirect that.  Desperately.

Now, because of them, I’m inspired to work harder.  To commit myself back to my fitness.  To see changes and feel better about myself!  Because your results won’t change if you don’t change what you’re doing!  Right? Right!

Mental note:

try harder

(true story)

A Few Things I’m Going To Try:
  • I read something that said “you shouldn’t start counting until it starts hurting, because that’s when it starts working” – I think that makes sense and is totally worth trying
  • I also read that when you have a sweet craving, you should smell vanilla and that makes your craving go away – I have some of that good mexican baking vanilla that is only sold in mexican liquor stores. Considering the extent of my sugar addiction, I’d say this one is absolutely worth a shot!
  • I’m going to strive to be more open about what time I work out and not be so regimented – this is hard for me. I’ll work on it
  • Accept that those around me don’t have the same goals I do, and really focus on keeping MY goals in balance and prioritized.

Progress takes effort.  Keeping life and goals in balance is ridiculously hard, but necessary!


What tricks do you use to overcome your weaknesses or roadblocks in pursuit of your goals?

7 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Real About My Fitness: Confessions Of A Perfectionist

  1. Totally with you lady… I just got back into my old gym after two weeks of completely mixing it up. It is TOUGH to get back in the consistent pattern!

    Just keep rockin’ in, lady. And remember that the hardest step is always the first one out the door.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so easy to go home and put on something snuggly and have a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate! haha 🙂 (even though it’s like 70* here) It’s so nice to have a support network of other people working through the same struggles!!


  2. I have also fallen off track, which you knew. I had to laugh because I am the same way about working out, if I don’t do it at my “scheduled” time it won’t happen & it’s a wash 🙂 Can you use the gym at the school? I have heard it’s amazing, that might be a thought between classes?!?


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