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Fearless Friday- Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of Success

Did you know you can talk yourself into, or out of, almost anything?

It’s true. Thought processes almost always follow a very similar, if non-linear, path.

It starts with an idea followed by a brainstorming session. The brainstorming session builds excitement. The excitement leads to extensive research. And the research results in action.

Pretty straightforward…right?  The perfect recipe for success!

Aaaannnndddd… that’s where it branches off for successful people from the non-successful people.

You see, successful people are essentially just people who didn’t give up.  They’re the people whose process stops at action, and who take PERSISTENT, RESULTS-DRIVEN STEPS to achievement.

And then there are others (*ahem*, guilty) who start the process, put in the work, then talk themselves out of it.

Don't talk yourself

Let me tell you a little story:

I consider myself an intelligent, well-spoken, well-read individual.  I have a ton of interests, and more ideas than I can possibly explore in this lifetime.  I start projects, I do research, and I forge ahead with 110% enthusiasm and confidence!

And then it happens…Either I set massively unattainable expectations for myself, or I start to question my capabilities.  It doesn’t matter how badly I want to, when the doubt and negative self-talk enter into the conversation, they don’t go away.  They spread like a virus.  And I quit.

Sound familiar?

Don’t talk yourself out of your own success!!

When you feel yourself spiraling out or losing momentum, you can not allow yourself to perceive it as failure.

You HAVE to change your thinking.  Maybe your mind isn’t saying “stop this. You’re a failure.”(or as I like to refer to it: “default mode.”)

You are way too intelligent to fall for that nonsense!

suck it up

When your head is saying “You’re doing it wrong!,” it’s not telling you that your idea is a failure.  It’s telling  you to try something different to make it a success! 

Have confidence in who you are. In the ideas you manifest. In the leg-work you’ve put in!  Success is born in hard work and sweat!  But most of all, success comes from the confidence you have in your ideas!

Was there ever a time that you gave up on an idea you were excited about, because you felt you had failed?

what would you try


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