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Time Flies And Other Christmas Traditions…

How in the world did we get to mid-December already???  Weren’t we just right smack in the middle of summer…? Good grief time flies by fast.  And there’s still so much to do before the end of the year!

This is going to be such a crazy week.  I have finals on Tuesday (at 7am!  Who does that??)  and Wednesday, two craft projects to finish, Christmas shopping to finish, and a niece’s birthday.  EEK!

I love this time of year, but hate how rushed everything always seems to be.  I love the decorations, the music, the idea of “Christmas magic”…Why can’t it exist in a vacuum outside of the crazy traffic, over-crowded retailers, and angry holiday shoppers??

(I keep trying to get my family to jump off the gift-giving bandwagon and just take a Christmas vacation instead, but nobody is getting on board with that idea) *sigh*

This year is kind of rough for me.  I have several holiday traditions that get me in the Christmas spirit, and unfortunately none of them will be fulfilled this year.

Plus, this is what it looks like in San Antonio for Christmas:

fall in december

It’s Fall in December

Since I first started working for Disney in 1999, I’ve had a tradition of being at the Walt Disney World parks during the holiday season.  Seeing the parks decorated for the holidays, watching the Candlelight Processional, being in the middle of the Spectacle of Lights…that’s what really brings out the joy of the season for me.

Disney Christmas

(how can anything live up to this??)

Sadly, I decided to go back to school, which put a damper on the family going to Florida this December (this issue will be rectified next year when I’ve graduated). I’ve only missed Disney Christmas a couple of times in 15 years, and it has become a necessity (yes, a necessity. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m Disney-spoiled) for the Christmas season.

San Antonio actually really does Christmas right- downtown on the riverwalk.  Another (inconsistent), tradition my family has is to ride the river barges and look at the Christmas lights.

san antonio christmas

The lights are so pretty the way they’re draped down the trees!

And the city Christmas tree in front of the Alamo is just postcard- perfect!

alamo christmas

Would  you believe I hardly ever go downtown to the Alamo area and riverwalk?  But I live on the complete opposite side of town and it’s about a 30 minute drive each way.  (Not to mention it’s just crazy-expensive to park downtown) 

So it’s a special treat when the family goes down to eat at Mexican Manhattan (if you’re ever in San Antonio, you MUST eat there) and see the Christmas lights! Unfortunately, my dad is still recovering from back surgery and not very mobile at all, so it’s just not viable for us to do it this year. *le sigh*

I am still finding ways to celebrate and absorb the Christmas spirit this year though! 

Since I can’t go to Candlelight Processional, I’m bringing it to me- I have the CD and listen to it in my car constantly. I just picture it in my head as I sing along 🙂


I have Christmas trees everywhere! (including two in my bedroom and one in my bathroom. Yes, my bathroom. It’s awesome).

bathroom tree

I’m over-dosing on Christmas movies on Hallmark, Lifetime, and ion.  And I’m only Christmas shopping during the week, when crowds are down and won’t stress me out 🙂


It’s the simple pleasures, really!


QOTD: What MUST-DO events do you have to get in the Christmas spirit?

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