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Crossing Off Another of my 101 in 1001

Yay!  I get to cross of #64 of my 101 in 1001– “Build a daybed.”

Okay, I’ll be honest, I amended this one…instead of building the daybed I had been thinking of, I bought a loveseat.  My mind had been working toward that direction for quite some time, and yesterday my mom presented me with a proposition.

After a traumatic morning of abusing myself, it was pretty exciting to get my first new piece of furniture in almost 10 years!


(I swear my hand is not this fat- it’s seriously swollen…I lost the battle between the edge of a countertop and an over-stuffed chair I was moving.  Did I mention I’m left-handed…?)

I handle pain pretty well, but this H.U.R.T.

Sometime around mid-Summer, I had this brilliant idea to build a daybed for my bedroom.  I wanted a bigger seating area and it seemed like the less-expensive, craftier option.  So I bought all the materials- legs, plywood, fabric, polyfill and foam cushions…and pillows.  Lots and lots of pillows (two body pillows and 5 euro-sized throw pillows to be exact)!


That mess has been taking up space in my craft room since July!  First it was “I’ll finish summer school then build it.” Then, “I only have a week before fall semester…I’ll wait.”  And then, “ohmygodIhavesomuchschoolstuffIdontwanttobuildanything!”

My mom and I found an amazing little loveseat in the perfect neutral linen fabric at a ridiculously-discounted rate, and yesterday she asked me if I’d rather have that.  I said yes.  So she traded me all that “daybed assembly kit” (apparently she’s been plotting the takeover of my supplies for quite some time) for a fabulous new loveseat!  I’m in love!


(I need some aqua throw pillows)

I kept all of my awesome pillows (no way was I giving those up!) and a super soft chunky throw that my mom got me as a gift.

It’s a perfect, cozy little nook in my bedroom, and now I have a new piece of furniture that is more reflective of my preference for clean lines and neutral bases (I can always change the look up with different pillows!).

That officially makes TWO of my 101 goals complete! Am I zipping through that list, or what??



3 thoughts on “Crossing Off Another of my 101 in 1001

    1. It’s wonderful! The pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s that perfect light beige linen color and texture! I love the idea of just going out and buying pillows to change the entire look instead of being stuck with a very specific look like my last couch (also fabulous, but time for a change) had.

      The hand looks less ugly today, thank goodness. It only hurts when I press on it 🙂 (no writing for this girl, if I can help it)


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