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Cherish What You Have- A Lemon Tree Post

In my Lemon Tree posts, I like to focus a lot on seeing yourself in a different way.  Well today, I want to take a look at some of the things that make you, you.

In today’s world of fast-paced lives and constant upgrades, we tend to spend a large portion of our free time trying to figure out how we can have MORE.  How we can attain what others have.  Maybe it’s always been like that…who knows?

So my question is:

Who in the world are the Joneses??  and Why did we decide it was imperative to keep up with them??

I know so many people who have so much, and yet they’re always chasing the next new thing.  Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars every single year, just to have MORE of something, or the NEWEST of something.

Personally, I don’t like running a race that has no finish line…


Media tells us that we should never be happy with what we have.  That we should always want more.

More money.

More muscles.

More technology.

More house.

More power.

More status.

I could go on forever!! (but I won’t.  Because more is not always better) 🙂


Cherish what you have.

And think bigger than the obvious…

Do you curse your curly hair?  Someone else sees you and thinks it’s beautiful, and wishes they could have hair like that.

Hate being single? There are those who look at you and envy your freedom to be responsible only to yourself.

Wish you were one of those singles?  Someone else wishes they had a husband that accepted them and stood by their side as a united front against the world.

Sit with yourself and take stock of every part of you.  What have you been lucky enough to be endowed with?  You have so much more than you think you do!

Look at your physical features.  Every single part that makes up what people see when they spot you in passing.

Look at your internal characteristics.  Are you funny?  Are you kind? Are you smart? Do you have an enhanced sense of empathy? Do math and science come easily to you? Maybe you’re quirky (quirky is awesome)

Check out your external successes. Do you have a great career? Did you get the opportunity to advance your education? What about an amazing husband and kids?  Maybe you get to travel or pursue your hobbies and interests.

You get the idea 🙂

Make a list!  Lists basically pre-date sliced bread as the best thing ever!  When you have something tangible to sit and look at, you can appreciate what you have.  CHERISH and RESPECT the things you’ve been given.


If you can’t love what’s yours, how can you ever think to fill that void with MORE??

QOTD: What do you see when you look at yourself, that’s fabulously, awesomely you? 


5 thoughts on “Cherish What You Have- A Lemon Tree Post

  1. Love this so much Carrie! You make so many good points and I just love reading these posts! Really makes you think 🙂 thanks for sharing!


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