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Sunday HIIT

Today was an awesomely gorgeous day in Texas!  70*, technicolor blue skies…THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about for winter!!  (don’t worry, Mother Nature is taking revenge later in the week..)

I love being able to take my cardio outdoors without feeling like frostbite is a real concern!

To supplement my cardio today, I decided to try a HIIT workout that was previously posted by Jordyn over at My Goodness .  

leg day hiit

I did NOT do box jumps.  I have an inherent, valid fear of them! (don’t make fun).  I love sets like this because some of the moves are so familiar to me from my dance team days. 🙂  If a workout is completely foreign to me, I tend to shy away from it.  But things like this make it easy for me to jump on board and give it a spin.  This one was fun.

Oh, and we also went kitten shopping today!  Found a couple that we’re thinking of adopting, but we’re sleeping on it.  Don’t worry, I’ll be following up when an actual adoption takes place ♥

QOTD: Do you have a go-to HIIT workout that you like to throw into your day?


4 thoughts on “Sunday HIIT

  1. Yeah for kitten shopping! My neighbor went puppy shopping today. Must be the weather !
    FYI: there is pet insurance available at a discounted rate thru USAA.
    Worth looking into!!


    1. Good to know! I’ll let my parents know! The two we found today are used to each other, so we wouldn’t have to worry about introducing new critters to each other. But we really had our hearts set on kittens, and these were 6 months and 10 months. Even knowing ALL kitties need homes, it’s hard to give up the idea of a baby…


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