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One Word To Live By

What word

Have you guys seen this trend about picking one word to define your year?

Here’s how it works: rather than making a list of resolutions, the idea is to choose a word- just one word- that defines something you want to work on, or something to really focus your year.

I’ve decided I love this idea!  So I’m jumping on the bandwagon and picking a word. And here it is:


I love this word.  Maybe it’s my Disney side showing, but I feel like it has such a magical feeling to it.  (I don’t even care if that’s corny!)  There are so many things I want to believe in this year!


♥ I want to believe that my family is going to have a great year

♥ I want to believe that I’m going to continue doing great in school and graduate (with honors)

♥ I want to believe in finding my plan for the future

♥ I want to believe that I’m going to accomplish my health and fitness goals

♥ I want to believe that I’m going to grow the ideas and plans that have started to take root

♥ I want to believe that I’ll make new connections (of all sorts) this year


There is SO MUCH to believe in!!

 And I feel that if I can push that word to the forefront of my mind- that “believe” can become part of my morning thought processes- magic really can happen!

I’m so excited to see how the year will map out with this word as my guiding star.

QOTD: If you had to choose one word to live in for a year, what would it be?


6 thoughts on “One Word To Live By

  1. Love this post! Well believe would have been my choice but I don’t want to take that from you. So my word for the year is growth. It really applies to so many things in my life. Thanks for the inspiration!


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