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I’m A Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!


Oh my goodness!  I’m so excited to say that I’m now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!

I’m super excited to join the GGS organization with all the amazing women already on there!  Not only is it an amazing opportunity to network with other fitness enthusiasts, but I’m also excited to have the opportunity to meet new friends, workout buddies, motivators, and otherwise positive influences for my life.

Also, talk about a motivator to stay on track with my own progress!!  EEK!  Time to step it up.

I think I’m going to learn so much from other women (and men?) in the GGS network, and I can’t wait!

Interested in applying to join this amazing network of like-minded people?  The icon below is clickable, and I’ll also have it displayed on my sidebar!

GGS badge

QOTD: Do you have a network that you turn to, to keep you on the right track and motivate you? 


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