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Your Heart Knows What You Want. Your Head Knows How To Get It.

fortune cookie


I, my friends, have a secret identity.  I’m the queen of crappy fortunes.  For real.

If there’s a crappy fortune to be had, I get it.  First to pick a cookie?  I’ll pick the worst of the lot.  I’ve had cookies without fortunes.  I’ve had cookies with the fortune on the outside of the cookie.  I’ve had empty pieces of paper in my cookies….But THIS is probably the absolute best fortune I’ve ever, EVER had!

The message seems simple, but take a minute and read it again…Have you ever read something more true, and stated more clearly, for the pursuit of what you want in life?

Everybody dreams.  Not everybody follows through with a plan of action.

I’ve been there…I probably have more dreams than any one person could ever follow through on in one lifetime.  Maybe that’s overwhelming.  So instead of sorting it out, all those dreams just sit up there. In my head. Probably drinking coffee and telling each other my deepest darkest secrets.

Some of those dreams don’t go away, no matter how hard you try to escape them.  (and fyi, running from your dreams is a terrible form of exercise!) 

Stop running. Turn around and face a dream head-on.  Does it intimidate you when you look it in the eye?  STOP THAT!  Establish dominance!


Every dream worth pursuing deserves a plan!  It deserves your full, undivided attention.  It took the time to establish residence in your life, and the least it deserves is a chance!

Nope. I’m not even going to lie to you…it’s not easy.  But it’s also not as over-whelming as it feels.

I like to start small.  Research is one of my favorite things in the whole world! (I know…my nerd is showing.  Please hold while I tuck that back in…)  I like knowing stuff.  And knowing stuff makes everything less scary.

I heard something once- who knows where- that stuck with me:

 “A lot of people say they’re afraid of heights.  That’s actually not true.  What they’re afraid of, is falling.”  

I’ve found the same thing to be true in the pursuit of something.  Being in a moment is often not so scary.  It’s the ANTICIPATION of a moment that freaks people out.  And learning everything you can, and facing a moment armed with information, takes away so much of the scary, that suddenly there’s room for ACTION.


In other words:

  • Your heart is the man driving the car, but your head is the woman that’s not afraid to ask directions
  • Your heart is the pilot, but your mind is the navigator
  • Your heart is the compass, but your head is the map
  • Your heart is the destination, but your head is the journey

Enough analogies?  🙂  You get the idea…you need both to make it happen!


It’s easy to let fear eat your life away from you!  Don’t let it happen!!  Let your heart guide your dreams, and then take the practical steps to make it happen!!  It’s not over until you say it is.

QOTD: What was a time in your life that you make a decision from your heart and pursued it with your head? How did it work out?


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