We Made It Through January…Time To Focus Forward!

Hey guys!  How was everyone’s weekend??

I’m not gonna lie…mine was rough.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any motivating messages for the Lemon Tree today- I need to redirect my head this week!

Do you ever just want to step outside your life?  To run away from everything, and leave all of your realities somewhere else?  That’s how I went into this weekend.

The fun started bright and early on Friday morning with me getting scammed.  Yup, I was the recipient of a popular (apparently) IRS scam.  And I fell for it.  Not financially, but they did a number on me emotionally… Even after I got my head back on straight and realized what was happening, the residual emotional mess just wouldn’t go away…

Bright side-

I do NOT owe the government a boat-load of money that I don’t have, and local law enforcement is NOT coming to take me away.  I know…I feel really stupid for falling for it.  Those people definitely know how to hit you in your vulnerable parts!

(If you receive one of those calls, here’s the information to report it:  Federal Trade Commission complaint assistant: FTC.gov and call the Treasury Inspector General at 800-366-4484)

Saturday was ugly weather, and I was stuck inside all day doing school stuff.  A)Group activity (I sincerely dislike “group activities”) B) Group making said activity much more involved than it needs to be. The activity is worth about 30 out of 1000 points for the class, and yet somehow power points and presentation notes and all sorts of nonsense got involved…

I haven’t been excited about this semester from the get-go… It involves some of the not-so-fun requirements for my degree and I started out the semester already exhausted from all the other nonsense I have going on.  Plus, I really don’t like not getting to devote as much time to my blog as I want to!

I just need to keep reminding myself of the endgame, right??

ask yourself

Sunday is really just a prep day for the coming week, so I always feel rushed and out of sorts.  I was hoping to get a movie in, but there’s just never enough hours in the day, ya know??

BUUUUUT….January is now behind us- WE SURVIVED!!  And it’s time to look ahead to February!  My biggest goal for February is just to chill.  As much as is possible with school, workouts, business, blog, family, and so on…Okay, I’m starting to feel a little better 🙂  Thanks for letting me vent!

 I need to not let life get to me.  I need to refocus my motivations, and I need to make lists!  Lots and lots of lists.  Are you ready guys??


QOTD: How do you refocus your energy when life is getting you down?


2 thoughts on “We Made It Through January…Time To Focus Forward!

  1. On my blog today (yes, I’m back haha), I talk about a challenge I just completed to accomplish 21 yoga classes in 31 days. Though a bit extreme, I consistently feel better about life after setting a strong, positive intention early in the day, and re-focusing through prayer, meditation, or yoga throughout the day.

    I’m certain that your month/semester will look better in retrospect. But you’ve got it NOW girl. LIVE THAT GREAT LIFE! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I was just in the process of reading your newest blog post (can’t wait to see what’s what!) and thinking “I need to recommit to yoga 🙂 I’ve neglected my yoga adventures since school started, but I think it might help center me!


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