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A Single Girl’s Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine’s Day…that most-dreaded of all holidays for singles.  Aside from New Year’s Eve, is there any other day of the year that so blatantly reminds us we’re trucking through life alone?

But every year, there is one thing I dislike more than Valentine’s Day- and that’s couples who go out of their way to put down Valentine’s Day.

Does this sound familiar?

Valentines Day is dumb

I think we’ve all heard this spiel.  Ad nauseam…

Do couples say this as a pity spiel?  Do they truly believe that a day explicitly designed to express their love is pointless since they have the luxury of coupledom?  I’m really curious about this…

A couple of points I’d like to touch on:

A) You shouldn’t need a day to remind you that you got married, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your anniversary! I feel Valentine’s Day deserves the same respect.

B) Yes, you should be telling your love that you love them on a regular basis, but you don’t!  You get caught up in your day, your life, your work, your workout, your bills, your drama…and you DON’T express your love regularly.  So take the day that’s given to you.  Stop what you’re doing.  And make the effort to re-focus your attention on your person!  ENJOY IT!

There is nothing more frustrating to a single than a couple who takes what they have for granted.

Do singles hate the holiday?  Yes.  Do they feel like it shines a giant magnifying glass on their complete lack of relationship success?  Heck yeah!  Does that mean couples shouldn’t love it and enjoy the day as something they can share and enjoy together?  Absolutely not!!  

right person got hit by bus

So please, enjoy Valentine’s Day (but don’t rub it in. That’s just mean…) Prove to the rest of us that Cupid isn’t dead!  You’re given a free day to do something super special- even if that’s just doing your part to keep Hallmark and Russell Stover in business.

killing cupid

(sorry. You know I couldn’t help myself)

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! 

QOTD: What do you have planned for the big day?


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