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When Life Gets Hard, I Go To My Happy Place

Happy Wednesday, guys!!  I hope your week is running along more smoothly than mine!  My week started with

A) emergency services making a house call (all is okay, but what an awful, nerve-jarring experience!)

B) meeting with my adviser and finding out several things that have set me back quite a bit.  I’m still stewing in that one, so I won’t be addressing it any further just yet…

So to cope, I shall go to my happy place- DISNEY!! (only metaphorically for now).  *sigh*

In my Individuals and Society class, we had an assignment to complete something called “The Twenty Statements” test.  This is a sociological test to determine how you define your self-concept.

20 statements

Note: this is not my statements test, but I got a kick out of it 🙂

Some things are, of course, predictable, but others are really interesting.  Anyhoo, I was going along, writing out twenty things that I think define me, and I find myself writing “Disney.”  As in:

I am disney

True story.  It’s #10 on my list.  On an assignment that I turned in for a grade. My instructor is probably thinking “what the…?”

And I’ve always known that Disney is one of my defining characteristics.  (You can catch up on my life with Disney here.) But spelling it out on a school assignment was kind of fascinating to me…  I. Am. Disney.  And I am.   I mean I know that when you get hired and go through Traditions, it’s a brainwashing (totally kidding.  But not…) process.

I even know that I use Disney in my day to day thought processes.  Sometimes I’m not even aware that’s what I’m doing.  It’s awesome!  It’s such an inherent part of who I am and who I want to be and how I believe that business should be run and how I believe the world should work (CELEBRATE DIVERSITY!!) that I can’t even imagine who I’d be without it.

Which is maybe (okay, probably) why some of the news I got from my adviser is so hard to swallow… I have to believe that the setback is just going to make me MORE set up for what I’ve got cooking in my head.  But that’s all I’m willing to grant it right now.

There is no doubt in my mind that Disney is in my future.  That part isn’t even a question.  The details stay elusive…


disney in my soul

QOTD: How do you handle setbacks?  Do you get thrown off kilter when the universe throws you a curve ball, or do you take it in stride?


3 thoughts on “When Life Gets Hard, I Go To My Happy Place

  1. An emergency services house call?! Glad you are ok! And I love that you are Disney!
    I usually deal with setbacks by eating too many granola bars or bowls of cereal. Working on that though!


    1. I usually deal with setbacks with empty calories from candy or cookies… I’m really my own worst enemy when it comes to food.

      Thank you for the Disney comment! Leaving my job there was necessary at the time, but it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!!


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