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My Escape Game Became A TV Show, And It’s Fabulous!

A few years ago when I was having a hard time with some life situations, I came up with a game I liked to play.  It was initially named “Anywhere But Here.”  As I got more into it, it evolved into something of a more positive vibe, so was renamed-

“Where Do I Want To Live Today?”

The game goes like this: 

  1. Pick a city (mine have mostly been beach towns, but have also encompassed some big cities)
  2. Troll real estate and apartment sites to find a place to live
  3. Research pictures, chamber of commerce, things to do, etc.
  4. Research job sites to see what kinds of postings they have

For real.  Best. Game. Ever.  (and it satisfies my love of research)

So color me surprised when I found out that my game was made into a tv show!

*Note: I am in no way affiliated with this show.  It’s just a happy coincidence that a concept like this was created!

my city

Yes, that’s the name of the show.

But don’t judge it by that!  This is a fabulous little show that just recently premiered on the fyi network.  If you’ve never heard of it, the premise goes like this- people are tired of their city and want a fresh start.

The host (also a realtor, I think?) takes them through an official “My city personality” test that was developed by Cambridge University.

Based on your answers, the quiz identifies two states that would fit your personality.  The host then narrows it down to one city in each state.  The buyers are sent to both cities to tour real estate within their price range and get a feel for the city.

Then they go back home, and the host dangles a carrot of local real estate from their “breakup city.”  From those options, the buyers then choose whether they want to stay in their city, or start fresh in one of the others.

I have to say, I’ve actually been really impressed at how well the host has matched people so far!  It’s such a fun show!!

You can even take a version (albeit watered-down) of the “My City Personality” Test on their website.

You can click on the picture below to check it out!

my city quiz

It’s definitely worth taking, just for the fun of it.  Enjoy!  And Happy Friday the 13th!!

QOTD: What fun things do you do to let your mind escape for awhile?


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