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Daydream Believin’ In The Springtime

I love Spring.  

It always makes me think of the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival, and all the amazing concerts I’ve gotten to see there.

Growing up, my mom made sure she cultured me and my sister with classic films, diverse tv shows…and The Monkees.  My sister and I would listen to Monkees tapes and sing along and have our requisite crush on Davy Jones.

I was really lucky to be able to see Davy Jones in concert several times at the Flower Power Concert Series that EPCOT puts on during the Flower and Garden Festival, and let me tell you- HE. WAS. AMAZING!  I even got to see The Monkees together in concert at House of Blues (how many of us can say that??)

Memories of a lifetime, I tell ya’!

So as spring comes around, I always seem to get Daydream Believer stuck in my head.  There’s nothing like seeing it performed live, but here you go!

(Don’t even TRY not to sing along!!) 

And before you ask, YES, Davy Jones (rest in peace) still had the moves!! haha 🙂



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