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My Journey So Far

Confession: I’m 38 years old today

…and I’m freaking out.  Birthdays have become quite the nerve-wracking experience!!

I find that with each passing year, there’s a little bit more anxiety attached to my birthday.  I know…This is when I totally call myself out for my own BS, but the fact is- it’s impossible not to compare yourself to others.  And with each year that goes by, I compare my life path with what’s considered the “conventional” path by society.

News flash: I am in no way conventional.

I remind myself that my journey isn’t the same as most people, but that knowledge is easier some days than others!
However, in light of recent events with one of my very best friends, I think it’s absolutely essential to view my birthday as a celebration of life, and be thankful for my time here on Earth!

With that in mind, I give you a very much abbreviated timeline that has brought me from there to here!

First family photo. I think I was maybe a couple of months old?


Age 2: And the crazy faces begin! 

 2 years

Age 5: Quite possibly the height of my cuteness

 5 years

Age 6: How awesome is this haircut??  Oh 1983, thanks for the memories…

 6 years

Age 10: The end of an era.  This haircut will never appear again.  Neither will that collar.

10 years

Age 12: In case you haven’t figured it out, I’ve always been a bit of a fashion icon.  Why yes, that IS a home perm and a sweater with cats on it.  Thanks for asking…

12 years

Age 15: Just when I think I’ve finally moved past the awkward phase, I wear this shirt.  I loved that shirt.

 15 years

Age 17: That vest was AMAZING

17 years

Age 37.9- Still not out of the awkwardness, but thanks to the power of digital photography, I can keep trying ’til I get a good one!

 WP_20150325_005 (1)

So…this life has been filled with every single emotion under the sun, a ton of adventures, a boat-load of struggles, and so many life lessons.  I know the future has the same in store, and I only hope to tackle them with grace and a willingness to be open to the road ahead (not to mention my requisite awkwardness. We can’t leave that behind!).  

There is so much I still want to accomplish for myself, and I have such high hopes for the future!  Let the adventures begin!

Bon anniversaire a moi!

QOTD: How do you tackle your birthdays?


6 thoughts on “My Journey So Far

  1. Loved this – very much enjoyed checking out your life!

    I get completely selfish around my birthday and actually celebrate birth-week. Planning a week full of celebrations (family, one with girlfriends, one completely new event, etc.) It’s not so much thinking about age, but more a celebration of life! I hope that you enjoy celebrating life today. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Carrie!!! I struggled when I turned 29 now I try to think of every year or birthday as a blessing 🙂 …cute photos, got to love those 80’s hairstyles! Have a great day xo


  3. Happy biryhday Carrie!!!!! Nothing at all wrong with unconventional.
    It’s so funny, I was so happy to turn 30 and be done with my 20s. But when I turned 32 all of a sudden I was like ” oh my gosh! I need to do young things!” Now I treat them like New Years. I love resolutions. 😃

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