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“Fetch” Friday- 13 Points Of Randomness To Carry You Into The Weekend

Fetch Friday

Yup.  I went there with the Mean Girls reference 🙂 Happy Friday, y’all!  What better way to commemorate the end of a week, but with the jumbled ramblings of an overly-tired mind??

So look no further!  Here’s your Friday 13 to kick off the weekend:

  • Have you ever noticed that drivers these days care less about the speed limit, and more about just catching the person in front of them?
  • How about when random pieces of fur or hair get stuck on the edge of your band-aid and dance around like one of those crazy inflatables at car lots
  • When people defensively say “I called you and you didn’t answer!” as if you keep your phone in your hand, waiting with baited breath for it to ring
  • Or when you don’t immediately answer a text and people ask “did I do something to make you mad?”
  • When people leave their phones on the table while eating and see absolutely nothing wrong with it…
  • When people use windows as mirrors (whether you’re inside or out, everyone wins!)
  • When people talk really loudly, thinking they’re incredibly clever, and look around to make sure everyone’s listening
  • When young people are at that beautiful, short-lived stage when they think they have absolutely everything figured out
  • When the person at the gym does a set, then walks over to the mirror and flexes…or better yet, lifts their shirt to check themselves out
  • When the kid at the store drops your box of girly products into a bag like it burned his skin, and won’t make eye contact with you
  • When someone walks into a pole/table/wall/person because they won’t look up from their phone long enough to walk
  • When someone puts in their headphones to walk 100 feet, then takes them out because they’ve reached their destination
  • When you can’t say “let it go” without people thinking you’re making a Frozen reference

QOTD: What “whens…” have you experienced this week?

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on ““Fetch” Friday- 13 Points Of Randomness To Carry You Into The Weekend

  1. I tried posting Friday and it wouldn’t post. I hope this one does!
    These are great. Lol! I remember being 17 and actually thinking these exact words in my head “There is nothing else for me to learn. I know everything I need to know.” Things went downhill from there haha.
    My “when” for Friday is when bicycle riders ride on two lane roads and seem to not care at all that there is a long line of traffic building behind them . Grrr!

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