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Back At The Crafting Table

Yesterday I was finally able to get back at it, folks!  After months and months and month of having no time for my creative outlet, I was able to spend a few hours surrounded by my beautiful crafting supplies, and an unfinished project from sometime before Christmas.
CFFkJzZUMAAAdGrThis is the mess I’ve been left with, just sitting in pieces around my craft room, begging me to finish it. 🙂  Finally, FINALLY I was able to oblige.  The worst part…?? I’ve had all these pieces ready to go.  I had painted the letters, painted the frame, painted the flip flops.

All that was left was for me to clear-coat the frame and flip flops, adhere the linen fabric to the backing, glue everything into place, and add embellishments. Clearly I was out of practice, because it took me off and on the better part of the afternoon to get it done! Ha!  Oh well.

Any ideas on what the alphabet soup spells out??

Okay, so to be fair, I spent the better part of an hour organizing my paints into my new paint organizer, painting dots on the tops of each bottle for color coding, and….I may or may not have rearranged them to be in color order… It looks so pretty 🙂

And here’s my finished product:

Island Time Inn

It will shortly be joining its friends in the Cottages and Inns Series on my Etsy page. Be sure to check it out!  There’s all kinds of fun stuff over there!  And I’m hoping to get some new stuff out before school starts back up in July 🙂  I have some ideas that are different than anything else I’ve worked on so far (still in the theory stage…)

QOTD: How do you make creativity happen in your life?


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