Summer Lovin’- Plotting Out Adventures

If you’re like me, you think of Summer as a time for planning adventures and trying new things.  My family (generally) tries to avoid travelling during the summer months because it’s just too crazy and hot.  Which makes it the perfect time to discover new things in your own city!

I don’t have a lot of time off this summer, but there are three big things I’d LOVE to do:

1) Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater in New Braunfels, TX

drive in theater

I can NOT believe there’s a drive-in theater around here again!  It’s not in San Antonio, but New Braunfels is only about a 30 minute drive or so, and this theater is brand. spanking. new!  An adult ticket is only $8 and you get a double feature on one of three screens!!  (My personal favorite right now is a Pitch Perfect 2/ Furious 7 double feature!)  

I used to love going to the drive-in as a kid, and I’m so excited that someone decided to bring the experience back!!

2) Ice Age exhibit at the Witte Museum

ice age exhibit

The Witte Museum in San Antonio hosts some pretty amazing special exhibits.  A couple of years ago, they had a dinosaur exhibit, last year they had a CSI exhibit, and now they’re premiering an Ice Age exhibit!  How cool (no pun intended) is this going to be???  I love having nieces, because I can just say “we need to take the girls to see that.”  *snort*  Meh…

3) The San Antonio Fire Museum

SA fire museum

As you may know, my dad is a retired firefighter, so I have a great respect for what those guys and girls do.  The SA Fire Museum is chock full of antique apparatuses, pictures, exhibits, etc, and is housed in one of the first fire stations the city opened.  It was created and is run by retired (and active) firefighters and they’ve done an amazing job bringing their passion to life!

Those are my biggies to explore this summer!

QOTD: What do you like to do during the summer?  Do you explore your area or get away from it all?


3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’- Plotting Out Adventures

  1. Oh I have always wanted to go to a drive in movie! Well, as an adult anyway. My first movie I ever went to was at a drive in. I was 3 years old and I saw Splash and Jungle Book. I actually remember the trip! What a fun summer you have planned.
    I don’t do much different in the summer since I am pretty much an indoor kind a girl. We do always go in vacation to the beach which is awesome. Not very original though. I do want to take my son to Stone Mountain this summer, and the zoo!

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    1. I know! I have so many memories of my parents piling me and my sister on top of the car with blankets and pillows at the drive-in. That was good stuff… There is NOTHING unoriginal about the beach! Everything is better there 🙂


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