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Flashback Friday- Going Home To Disney

Every time I get close to another trip to Disney, I get SUPER nostalgic of my past life there.  I remember memories long locked away, and all the experiences I had in my four years there.

So today, I pay tribute to my amazing Disney life, which has given me so much of who and what I am in life!

The friendships

It all started with the ladies of 310


Lifelong friendships, wherever the road takes us


After work antics that defy explanation


Going for mini-golf after work, because you still want to hang out with your co-workers after a long day


The lifestyle

For the love of co-workers and friends

disney1 d11

Birthday celebrations at Citricos


Random Jellyrolls nights


The memories

Endless reunions with amazing people  you’ll never, ever let go of!


The Disney lifestyle is one that spoils  you, although you don’t really realize it until it’s no longer part of your daily existence…The people you meet open your mind to so many different ways of life, so many cultures, so many ideas!

You become accustomed to a quick lunch at EPCOT, dessert and fireworks at Magic Kingdom, a day at Cocoa beach followed by an evening of mini-golf at Winter Summerland, pool-hopping followed by Fantasmic, finishing your shift and playing in the parks while you wait for your friends to get off, so you can all go to Wendy’s together for dinner.

Even in the hardest times, it’s a rich life filled with experiences and moments and true friendships!  It’s truly a HOME.

So every time I go on vacation and disembark the Magical Express at Old Key West or Saratoga Springs, I’m greeted with “Welcome Home.”  And I say “Thank you, it’s good to be home.”

QOTD: Where do you travel to that feels like “HOME” to you?


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