It’s Not A Disability…I’m Just Left-Handed

As far back as I can remember, when people find out I’m a lefty they react in one of two ways:

1) “Ohhhhh…you’re left handed…?” With a slightly pitying look as though it were a disability


2) “Oh my gosh! You’re left handed??” Like I’m worthy of a carnival sideshow.


I never thought it was odd…It’s all I’ve ever known!  But I always knew I was a little bit different (like I need anything else to make me “different!) than most of the people around me.  I have to sit at the end of the table to eat.  I have to adjust the credit card signers at cash registers. I wear my watch on my right wrist.  I have to try on the left shoe rather than the display…

Lefties have an endless list of adjustments that we make on a daily basis to fit into a righty world.  But I have to say, being left-handed is pretty awesome!

Here’s 10 reasons why being left-handed is pretty much the best thing ever:

1. We’re creative

Though not a hard and fast rule, lefties are notoriously creative people.  And that’s kind of a big deal to us.

2. We’re unexpected

Lefties still only make up approximately 10-12% of the population, and that number has held pretty steady throughout history.  People are still taken aback when they meet a left-handed person, which frankly, gives us a bit of an advantage.

3. We’re an enigma

Nobody has been able to pinpoint for sure what causes left-handedness.  Although the fact that a cause is being sought shows that it’s considered some sort of defect, or departure from what’s “normal.”  There is no “lefty gene,” and most studies seem to point towards some sort of trauma or exposure to heightened testosterone during gestation.  Which STILL implies a defect.

4. We’re adaptable

Let’s face it- we’re lefties living in a righty world.  Everything in it is designed for right-handed people.  And we adapt.  And thrive!  Because lefties are awesome like that.

5. We’re willing to starve for our passions

Because we have creative minds, left-handed people are naturally drawn to more creative careers.  Which generally results in lower salaries (an average of 10%) than right-handed people.  But that’s okay.  Because we’re all about our passions and money won’t stop us from pursuing them!

6. We’re leaders

Like, running-the-country leaders.  Did you know that four of our last seven Presidents were lefties (Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford)?  True story.  Lefties are natural-born leaders.  Good leaders.  Bad leaders… It doesn’t matter- we’re driven to lead.  And if that’s where our passions take us, that’s where we’re going to go.

7. We rock team sports

Remember how I said that people are still thrown off by left-handed people?  Well, apparently that really comes in handy in competitive sports.  Surprise is on our side, and we can fake people out with the best of them!

8. We feel things crazy deep

Downside? Our anger can get the best of us… Upside? If we get angry at you prematurely, you can scare the crap out of us pretty easily in retaliation.  The intensity with which we feel everything is probably one of the reasons that lefties have an average shorter lifespan than righties.

9. We’re survivors

Historically speaking, the reason that lefties haven’t gone extinct probably stems from our wins in battle.  The surprise effect that lefties have had on the battlefield have actually contributed to the propagation of the species.  Pretty cool, huh?

10. We’re special and we know it

While left-handers are one of the last minority groups to not be officially organized, we do have a day- August 13 is International Left-Handers Day!  Celebrate the lefties in your life!



5 thoughts on “It’s Not A Disability…I’m Just Left-Handed

  1. I gotta know, since I’m a leftie too. . . . is that really how you hold your writing implements? I just spent a whole five minutes researching it, and I must say, that is weird!

    I’ve always enjoyed being a leftie. The constant struggles (yikes, can-openers!) makes us better prepared to deal with any adversity life throws our way!


  2. You are so right about people freaking out about. it. My son is left handed and it’s crazy how many people tell me to “train him” to be right handed. No. I think I will leave him just the way he is thank you. 🙂
    Love your random posts! I think lefties must be deep thinkers. 😉


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