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10 Things I Learned On My Latest Florida Adventure


Welp…I’m back from vacation, and I have to say…10 days was not enough.  Okay, it was enough days of sleeping on an air mattress and having virtually no privacy.  But in terms of feeling like I got my Disney fix?  Nope. Not enough time…Believe it or not, we actually had to edit out some stuff, and even then, we were on the go The. Whole. Time!

But this was not just a pleasure trip.  No, sirreee.  I learned things on this trip!  Here are just a few of the tid-bits I took away from this vacation.

10 Things I learned

1. Vitamin D therapy really is outstanding 

Admittedly, I don’t spend enough time outside when I’m at home.  But being outside all day, every day while in Florida did wonders for me!  I usually take 3000 IU of vitamin D as a supplement, but being out in the Florida sunshine put my supplements to shame!  I had more energy, my skin looked healthier, and I generally felt better.

I thought all the sweating would wreak havoc on my complexion, but my face was softer and clearer than it’s been in quite some time.  My melasma looks terrible (even with using sunscreen every day), but I’m coming to accept that as a part of who I am now.  But I was able to look beyond that and enjoy my super soft, super smooth face!

2. I thoroughly enjoyed The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, but I still have no interest in the books


I really did think all the details and attractions and theming was super cool!  And I really thought that being immersed in the world would spark my interest in the books and movies.  But…no.  Turns out, I can totally appreciate the Wizarding World as a standalone thing.  Maybe someday I’ll develop that interest in the books.  Today is not that day.

3. If you’re 8, “I can’t ride that- I’m too short” will get you out of riding attractions you don’t want to do.

Whether it’s true or not.

This excuse does not work as an adult.

4. If you say something ridiculous once, you can make your traveling companions sound like doofuses for the entire rest of the trip

This is important for that added element of entertainment.  I was tired.

My intended word: delirious

What came out of my mouth: der-lirious

I had 6 witnesses.  For the rest of the trip, each member of my family repeatedly, and exaggeratedly would come out with “DERRRR- LIRIOUS!”  

In public.

Surrounded by thousands of people.

Uh-huh…who’s the dum-dum now?

5. Gatornado needs to be the next big thing.

Go ahead. Say it out loud…  Now tell me I’m not right!  We need to make “Gatornado” happen.

6. When Disney drops the ball, they drop it big

First day there, we find out Ghirardelli (admittedly not technically Disney) no longer carries any selections containing peanut butter products.  Why…?  Allergies.  They stopped carrying ALL peanut butter because of food allergies!  My sister’s favorite ice cream concoction from Ghirardelli of course contains peanut butter.  She was not a happy camper.

Last night there, we had waited 9 days for our heavenly “dole whip”(we call everything from Aloha Isle a dole whip) from Magic Kingdom.  They no longer carry the orange/pineapple swirl!  In fact, they no longer carry anything that includes pineapple swirled with anything!  And added to that, it’s no longer called Aloha Isle!!

If you’re not a dole whip aficionado, there is no way to explain to you how devastating this is.

I should also state that there was absolutely no line waiting for frozen goodies from this location any time we passed by it.

Fix this, Disney!

7. Some of the greatest pleasures can come from others’ pain

At several points on this trip, I laughed harder than I have in a very long time!  That deep down, silent laugh that has tears streaming down your face.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that it was at the expense of others.

Whether it was my sister’s husband screaming in terror “this is not like the barnstormer!!” while riding Flight of the Hippogriff (it really was nothing at all like the barnstormer), or our shuttle driver stating “if you were having this weather in Texas, there would be twisters” after my niece was terrified to tears in the Twister attraction (too soon…), there were some beautiful moments of perfect timing that invoked highly-inappropriate laughter.

8. Pushing a wheelchair through the parks is one of the best all-over workouts EVER.

Do you know how many hills there are on Disney property?

I do —> A LOT.

I don’t feel like I missed a single workout.  And I don’t regret one single donut, one single mickey waffle, or one single dessert.

9. Fireworks will always make me cry


I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about fireworks that makes me so emotional.  Maybe it’s the atmosphere.  Maybe it’s the music.  Maybe it’s the beauty of the moment.  I don’t know… But I’ve come to accept that fireworks will always bring tears to my eyes!

10.  Adios pantalones!

adios pantalones

So, the last day of the trip, I saw this shirt on a guy at Magic Kingdom.  It cracked me up!  What better theme for a vacation??  Plus, say it out loud.  It’s amazing!

On further research, I discovered this is the name of some Belgian band, but I don’t care.  The sentiment stands on its own.  Am I right??  Now it’s a party!

So that was my vacation in a very small nutshell 🙂  It had ups and downs (as all vacations do).  It answered some questions and created some new ones.  I love that I can be a tourist in Florida again, but I also appreciate that I’ll never be JUST a tourist when I’m there.  I see things in a different way than others do, and I always will, because it was my home for a long time!

I can’t wait for my next adventure!


5 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned On My Latest Florida Adventure

  1. What a great trip! I love all of your points, I want to respind to comment on all of them but I also don’t want my comment to be really long haha. I will pick my favorites.
    2)I can’t wait to go for the Harry Potter attraction!
    7)Lol! I think others pain is so funny too! Wh are we like this? Only when they aren’t super hurt of course.
    9) I know what you mean! Professional fireworks are so breathtaking. I amways just stand in awe.
    10) LOL! That’s great

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Harry Potter really was amazing! We only did two of the rides, but I liked them both (Forbidden Kingdom was super intense, but I think a little less so for me, because I had no idea what was going on…if I had known something was trying to suck out my soul, I might have been a little more freaked out!)…

      Yeah, I hover over people to prevent injury more than almost anyone, but when there’s an 8 year old sitting beside me giggling in ecstasy while her father is screaming in terror…that’s good times right there 😉 haha

      Liked by 1 person

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