Flashback Friday- Flying High In The Center Ring

Betty Hutton was amazing, doing most of her own trapeze work (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Betty Hutton was amazing, doing most of her own trapeze work (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

When I was a little girl, I wanted to join the circus.

Some of you are thinking, “wow. I am so not surprised…” haha 🙂  The rest of you are probably thinking, “well that’s random…”  Let me explain.

Growing up, my favorite movie was The Greatest Show on Earth.  I watched it all. the. time. To this day, it’s probably what I would consider my all-time favorite movie.  I loved everything about it- the costumes, the routines, the backstage life, the gypsy/living-on-a-train lifestyle.


I was convinced I was going to be the next famous trapeze artist!  We even had a backyard designed for the circus life with a trapeze, wide wooden swing, and this crazy big looped rope swing.

I studied all of Betty Hutton’s moves from the movie, committing to memory just exactly how to execute a trick.

My sister and I would practice outside for hours, until we were forced to go inside for the night.  God only knows how I actually looked hanging upside down from that trapeze, but I felt like a star performer, flying high in the center ring!  If my sister was practicing on the trapeze, I would work on my moves from the rope swing.  I was unstoppable.

I honestly don’t know how we even got away with trying some of the stuff we did- how our parents didn’t come flying out the door scolding us to stop hanging upside down by our ankles.  But it was glorious!

When you’re a kid, anything seems possible.  You believe any dream is attainable- without the fears and obstacles slowing you down.

As an adult I can’t help but wonder- what would happen if we never lost that ability?  What if life, and loss, and hardship never changed that ability to just dream and believe?  What if we didn’t settle for the daily grind, and instead pushed our energy into living our dreams?  Our REAL dreams… not the adult dreams of bigger and better and more advanced.

I’m talking about the simple, soul-fulfilling dreams of our childhood.

I believe we never know ourselves better than when we know ourselves as children.  Then somehow as we grow up, our ideas of ourselves, our world, our lives, our beliefs, become tainted.

There’s still a part of me- deep down- that has a wish to run off and join the circus.  That little girl will always live inside me.  And while I know that will never, ever happen, I will always have those memories of flying high on my trapeze, in the spotlight of the center ring.

QOTD: What did you dream of becoming as a child?  


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