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The Resume Writing Debacle

Do you know what comes up when you google “resume writing?”

28, 300,000 results.  


Yup.  So that’s where I’m at right now… Or I should say, that’s one of the things I started trying to tackle this weekend.  I don’t know very many people who actually ENJOY trying to update their resume (but if you’re one of them, please contact me with any free advice you might have!)  

I’m not necessarily wanting to re-format mine completely, but I feel like there are some ideas that I want to test out.  Which is hard to do when everyone is telling you that “experts” want things a certain way.  Here’s what I think: there are no REAL resume experts.  Because everything likes things a certain way.

When I was in charge of hiring, I didn’t care about certain standards per se.  I wanted to see people who clearly spent time on their application, who thought spelling was important, who gave off a certain energy in their applications.  I believe just about any job is trainable with the right people.

I also know most hiring managers don’t feel that way (shame on them!) I also know that I worked for the state of Texas with others whose job was to help people find jobs and update their resumes, and they had/have NO training whatsoever in resume writing.  Some of them are good at it, and some are, um, not so good.  So who’s to say what SHOULD be on a resume and how it should be formatted?

I took the “objective” section off a long time ago.  It’s pointless and takes up valuable space.  That idea is finally catching on!!

I like putting bullet-pointed skills at the top, because a rundown of what I bring to the table seems like the most important thing.

I feel like at this point in my working life, each job breakdown should be EXTREMELY abbreviated, possibly reduced to pertinent contributions, because it seems like most things should be highlighted in the skills area.

Obviously education, but as a mid-career person, I put that at the bottom.

I’ve heard you should have a website now to expand on everything and market yourself.  That makes sense to me.

I’ve heard you shouldn’t worry about putting your address on there, but should NOT leave out your linkedin address (I feel like that should be debatable, but whatever).

So here’s the super hard part.

I have 15 years of work experience, but I’m back in college and starting fresh in something new.  My past experience is obviously relevant, but so is everything new that I’ve learned.

How do I tie all that in????  (Feedback is much-appreciated!)  I have a while to work on it, but I’ve always had issues trying to figure out how to tie in all of the different experiences I have!

QOTD: What are your thoughts on how a resume should look?  Do you have any helpful tips and tricks on how to make yours stand out?


9 thoughts on “The Resume Writing Debacle

  1. It’s definitely subjective with each interviewer preferring specific formats, info, etc. A placement firm rep once told me my resume was a “hot mess”. It was the same resume that had gotten me jobs and been praised by “creative” people.

    What I try to do is tailor my resume to the job (and company) I’m applying for (to). What kind of language do they use? Is the job posting neat and organized or messy? What is the overall tone? From there I pick from 1 of 2 styles and them make sure I use their words as much as possible/appropriate.

    My $0.02. Not a fun task but it’s good you’re thinking about it early. 🙂


  2. Hi Carrie! Good for you for going back to school and switching careers. That is a tough thing to do. I agree with you that each hiring manager is different and many of them really have no specifications about resumes. The people making the decisions are skilled in other areas ( like their job) and probably don’t care to much on how the resume is formatted as much as what skills your bring to the table and how you were able to express that clearly. Good luck to you!

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    1. Thank you! It HAS definitely been tough. School actually seems easier than it did…*ahem*…way back then…but being in school and dealing with everything that entails? That’s been a little rough! Would resumes be so much easier if they just accepted a standard form?? Maybe I should start a movement. And then I could put it on my resume! haha 🙂


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