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A Little Love Story Of Lists

Once upon a time, there was a girl.  This girl knew, with absolute certainty, that she could remember what she needed to know.  When broached with the suggestion, “why don’t you write it down?,” she would scoff and go about her merry way.

She cruised through life fairly successfully, until one day, evil entered here world, in the form of two little words:

“Why didn’t you do your homework?” “I forgot”

“Why didn’t you pick up milk?” “I forgot”

“Why didn’t you tell me he called?” “I forgot…”

This was the sad beginning of one girl’s love affair with lists.


What could easily have become a lifelong tragic tale of a girl and her forgetfulness, has blossomed into an epic tale of love and partnership.  (in case your brain hamster is running a little slow today, the girl in the story is me)

I. Love. Lists.

All kinds. I’m not particular. I love making lists. I love reading lists. I  love crossing off lists. I love comparing lists. I even love cross-lists.

If you follow my instagram, you know I even made a lists of what I needed to accomplish for the weekend.


Despite my epic amount of reading, my lists actually made it feel more manageable.  Since I took the time to organize all of my readings onto one paper, I wasn’t constantly rifling through all my syllabuses to see what I needed to do next.

I even like separating lists.  Here, I separated the school from non-school must-dos.  Much to my frustration, I didn’t get to cross everything off my list.  Stupid SPSS university app… :-/

And though I haven’t resorted to spreadsheets (I like pen and paper), my grocery lists are divided into food and non-food columns.  Sometimes it’s divided into food, non-food, toiletries/pharmacy columns.

I can’t even tell you how satisfying it is to work through a list, whatever the kind, and not have to say “I forgot.”

Recently, I was told (by an anonymous source) that someone near and dear to me (who shall remain nameless) that said person hates lists. He will not write something down.  He won’t do reminder notes.


Because he doesn’t like to be told what to do.  (apparently lists are not the boss of him.)

OH. MY. GOD. Seriously??

No thanks.  I’ll stick with my lists.  Because they’re not my boss, they’re my companion.  Possibly even my personal assistant.  I keep paper everywhere now- by my loveseat, on my table, in my purse, I even have a notepad and pen in my car.  And bonus points for lined post-its (best. things. ever)!

And as I get older, there’s only one thing left for me to worry about…

“Where’s your list?”

“I forgot it…”

…you can’t win them all…

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7 thoughts on “A Little Love Story Of Lists

  1. Haha! The more I read your posts I find that we are SO much alike. I make a list for literally everything in my life. I have made a “schedule” (list of things to do) for my day for years and just recently made another list of how my daily schedule should be scheduled. So I have a list that I look at to make my list of things to do for the the day haha. Pretty sure that made no sense at all . Oh well off to make my grocery list 😉

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