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An Open Letter To Single Girls, From A Single Girl— Men Are Not A-Holes

Dear single women of the world,

A couple of days ago I was scrolling through my facebook timeline and came across a repost by a friend.  It caught my attention because A)there was a very attractive man as the photo and B)there was a moderately long monologue that went along with it.

Basically, it was telling men to start behaving like men again (cool your jets if you’re about to get apoplectic about traditional gender roles..).  It talked about how to treat a woman right, how to use your manners, and how to be a gentleman.  All things that (most) women appreciate.  And is, on a societal level, becoming a bit of a dying art in this age of individualism and hand-held electronics and connectivity.

I, of course, asked for one of those men to go.  Because, you know…who wouldn’t?

But I noticed in the comments that one individual seemed highly offended by the idea and apparently is sick and tired of women categorizing all men as A-holes.  (I don’t recall reading anything about that particular generalization in that post, but maybe I skimmed over it).  

So that got me started thinking, as I am prone to do…and what I realized was that yeah, there does seem to be a general trend among singles to classify men as a-holes.  (We won’t talk about how single men generalize about women.  That’s a post I don’t feel up for…).

Don't really do that. It would hurt them...
Don’t really do that. It would hurt them…

I think it’s easier to reconcile being single if we declare that all the good men are taken.

It’s easier just to say “all men are a-holes.”  Because that way we have a pretty solid justification for our singledom.

It takes any and all responsibility off of us, because clearly, boys are stupid.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have an EXTENSIVE dating history.  But there’s one thing I can tell you- nobody that I’ve dated was an a-hole.  They were all good guys.  They were the WRONG guys, but they were good guys.

And they all taught me something.  I wish I could say they were a-holes, because that would be decidedly easier than wondering how in God’s name each and every one of them ended up married.

Can boys be dumb?  Yes.

Can they be frustrating? Absolutely.

Are some of them a-holes? Unquestionably.

Are some of them freaky and creepy?  Without a doubt.

i feel sexy

The madness has to stop.  We need to put an end to calling men a-holes!  Because there are some pretty fantastic men out there, but we’ll never see them if we continue to use them as our scapegoats.

Your sister in singlehood,

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7 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Single Girls, From A Single Girl— Men Are Not A-Holes

  1. Love it! ❤ I've found myself complaining that there's no "normal" guys out there but I know there's guys out there saying the same thing because women can also be a-holes, dumb, creepy, and frustrating ha ha 😀

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  2. I have dated lots of good guys, but bad timing.
    And also some assholes, but the truth is there are girls out there who are assholes too, so I don’t hold it against all guys.
    Instead I just hope that as I am sitting on my couch watching Netflix a great one will come knocking on my door… too much to ask?

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