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In Defense Of Anyone Who Has Ever Tried Shakeology And Didn’t Like It

Happy October!  This is my FAVORITE hypothetically seasonally-glorious season of the entire year.  Allergies notwithstanding, of course.

So if you follow me on instagram, you saw that I finally received my first every order of Piyo and Shakeology.


I was super excited, and kind of nervous.  I had no idea what to expect, but had heard AMAZING things about both the workout, and RAVES about Shakeology.  It wouldn’t be an over-sell to say that among the fitness goddesses that I follow, Shakeology has a cult-like following.  (but in a good, non-creepy way).

There has been a vicious, horrible rumor about me and my unwillingness to try new things.  Okay, A) I started that rumor.  And B) It’s true.  I’m a big, fat chicken-baby when it comes to trying new foods/drinks.

I HAD to like Shakeology though.  I HAD to.  It’s what’s done.  You don’t just go around DISLIKING Shakeology.


I didn’t like it.


I did a basic recipe:

8 oz. of lactose free milk

1 scoop of chocolate shakeology

And indeterminate amount of ice

It was blah.

And that made me sad.  And a little like a failure…I had failed an entire exercise culture who swears by this product, effectively proving myself an outsider of a group I desperately wanted to be at the center of.  But just an outsider, once again…

After the dramatics passed (you see?? I know me. I just need to be ridiculously-overly dramatic for a moment and let the moment pass.  Then we can get back to business)…So after the dramatics passed, I did some thinking.

Logic won out, telling me I needed to try it again, but different.  So what could I do?  I wasn’t ready for the smorgasbord of choices on the recipes calendar that I was sent.

So let’s think…first, I knew we needed to call a spade a spade (as my sister is fond of saying).  Shakeology is a powdered drink.  No amount of advanced engineering will ever make a powder taste like Hershey’s Syrup.  That’s the God’s honest truth, people.  

With that most-valuable realization in mind, I pulled up my big girl underroos, gave a tug on my knee socks, and got to work.  This girl doesn’t just throw away an investment because we had a rough first date.  Enter Alissa, stage left.  Alissa runs a holistic blog at Alisueonthemove. You must check her out for all things health.  She’s 100% committed to holistic health, essential oils, fitness, and now, fit pregnancy!  (Yay!)

I remembered that she had recently been going through a moderately desperate craving for a peanut butter cup blizzard from DQ.  To satiate it, she told me about the chocolate/peanut butter shakeology she concocted.

Chocolate and peanut butter is always a winner in my book, so I got brave and gave it a go!

Blender—> GO

Giant Shakeology bag —> GO

New requisite Shakeology drinking mug —> GO

And here’s what I came up with:

If you don't like shakeology

My own little frozen concoction. Thumbs up!
My own little frozen concoction. Thumbs up!

I had previously added 8 ounces of Mootopia and like 6 ounches of ice, which you can only imagine just how much frozen Shakeology I had at my disposal when THAT experiment was done… :-/

But this new attempt (above) seems to be the perfect serving size for me (and yup, I actually measured everything out).


I did not enjoy my first Shakeology experiment, but thankfully decided to be brave enough to experiment and find what works for me, and guess what????


What Shakeology recipes do you swear by??  Please, PLEASE share them in the comments section- I’d love to try them!!

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4 thoughts on “In Defense Of Anyone Who Has Ever Tried Shakeology And Didn’t Like It

  1. Why are you using a vanilla-flavored milk to make a chocolate-flavored drink? Does the milk come in a natural/non-flavored variety? I think the two flavors are competing. Just a thought. but hey, congrats for your bravery . . . and ingenuity!

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  2. I’m glad you like your second go round with it. I have not surrendered to the Shakeology cult yet but my facebook feed is flooded to those who are a believer. I half believe that with any “health trend” that some people (not all), are just trying to keep up with what everyone else in the industry is doing whether they like it or not.
    I can see where the peanutbutter chocolate concoction would be tasty though! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I agree with you. I’m definitely not a “shakeology as meal replacement” girl, but I am impresses with the sheer number of vitamins that are packed into it, which I desperately need. I figure if I knock out a couple of drinks a week in place of a sugar treat, I’m doing something good for myself! Haha ☺ I’m glad I’ve tried it because I was curious, but it probably won’t be a lifestyle change for me.


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