Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But There’s No Use Bein’ Late

So, you know how you’ll be in the middle of doing something, and you remember something that HAS to get done ASAP, so you leave what you’re doing to get it done, but once you’ve done what needed to get done, you forget what you were doing in the first place…?


Now that we’re all caught up on where I disappeared off to the last few months, what have y’all been up to??

Totally kidding…I’ll give you a little bit better rundown than that, but first and foremost, THANK YOU to all my readers who have stuck with me!  If you follow me on instagram, you at least knew I was still alive and well, so, you know…there’s that.

I knew this was going to be a massive year of changes, and HOLY MOLY it is.  Stuff is about to get real, and I have no idea what I’m doing! (wait…I should keep that to myself, shouldn’t I…?)

Don't Know Where We're Goin
(Insert timeless classic quote from Quigley Down Under)

First, let’s get the business of “where the heck was Carrie” out of the way, shall we?  Nutshell–> school was crazy, life is crazy, health stuff, emotional nonsense, brain overload, whattheheckamigoingtobewhenigrowup (I’m getting too old for that nonsense), blah blah blah.  Honestly, I just straight up couldn’t think of one thing that was happening that I thought ANYONE would be interested in reading about.

Onward and upward!  The semester is coming to a close, and with it, round two of my academic career.  All I have left is my internship (which I had to abandon this semester due to above-mentioned health issues) and testing out of French (of which I still haven’t re-learned enough of to be adequate).  No problem!  I’ve got this…

Far more importantly (to you AND to me), are the things I want to focus on going forward:

Improving, building, and restructuring my online space.  This may take awhile, but I have a vision for it to bring it into better focus, and I’m super excited about getting it all figured out!

I’m on a mission to re-love my city.  Original plan was to cut and run when I finished school, but plans, as they often do, have been edited.  So I’ve decided that what I need is to rediscover what my city has to offer, and I’m super excited to share my upcoming adventures with y’all!

Basically, I’m looking to expand my horizons and not be such a chicken baby.  I want to build new things, explore new (and old) things, and experience new things!

And it will all be part of the new (and improved) process of Constructing Carrie.  As the title suggests, I “don’t know where we’re goin’, but there’s no use bein’ late.”  I hope you’ll come along for the journey.


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