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Vacation Is A Great Reset!

As much as I love being at home, I have to say, I am not designed to be cooped up in one place for too long!  I’ve always been lucky enough to get out of town several times a year, so with the trials of the last few years, it’s been rough to feel basically confined to my city.

Which is why this vacation was SO important.  We went “home,” (which, for those of you who may just be joining us, is code for Disney).  It felt like such a quick trip- 2 travel days and 4 full days out there.

We stayed at my absolute favorite hotel- Disney’s Old Key West Resort.  I love it there…for one thing, it’s gorgeous.  It has also managed to capture the laid-back lifestyle that the Keys embody.  And of course, the sound of steel drums and Jimmy Buffett just never gets old!

key west lighthouse edit
My classic lighthouse shot. The pool is on the other side of this beautiful view.
breezeway edit
The gorgeous breezeway at Old Key West


golf course view edit
We had a golf course view this time.  Soooo quiet!

I love the rooms here.  We usually get a 1-bedroom villa and I get stuck with the pull-out couch or air mattress, but my mom actually decided to use some extra points and give me the gift of my own room and BED.  It was lovely.

interior1 edit
Still waiting patiently for somebody, somewhere to come up with an apartment complex with this layout…

I managed to get some great shots in the Parks and at Disney Springs too.  The weather was basically perfect while we were out there- mid to high-80s during the day, high-60s at night.  And not a single day of rain while we were there (it’s because I remembered to pack my “rain-away stick” aka umbrella).

downtown disney edit
Gorgeous Disney Springs at nighttime
freshepcot edit
“Fresh EPCOT”: The theme for this year’s Flower and Garden Festival
flowergarden edit
Promoting sustainable gardening for the whole family
nofilter edit
No filter needed.  The colors were amazing!

You could probably spend all day just looking at the topiaries that Disney has created.  Chinese mushrooms among the trees…?  Check.  Topiary Peter Pan on a roof…?  Always a good time!

I guess the plant theme continued on into Animal Kingdom, because the only pictures I took were around the Tree of Life.  I was really hoping that they’d have the fiber optic effect ready to go on the leaves, but sadly, that experience will have to wait until next time.

tree1 edit
It’s always fun to find new angles for the Tree of Life
tree2 edit
Beautiful day at Animal Kingdom
frontier1 edit
I think I was just having fun setting up shots at Magic Kingdom
frontier2 edit
Big Thunder at sunset
hidden tink edit
Did you know there’s a “hidden Tinkerbell” carved into the rocks at the Big Thunder exit??  I had heard a rumor, but never would have found it without the help of a cast member!

I feel like vacation is a fantastic opportunity to recharge and reset, especially when you’re stuck in a rut.  Sometimes you get so bogged down in your routine, that you forget to see what else you could be doing.  Taking yourself out of that comfort zone and into new, fun activities really helps you re-imagine how you want your daily time to be.

But it’s such a small window to take advantage of, because when you get back home it’s super easy just to fall right back into old patterns.  I’m hoping my time away is going to help me push forward and conquer in the months ahead!

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4 thoughts on “Vacation Is A Great Reset!

  1. Your pictures are fantastic!

    A blogger friend and I were talking about this same, exact thing today. Especially with blogging, it’s so easy to pop in some vacations with photo shoots lined up and posts ready to get on the site. A bit of planning ahead means that we can really takje advantage of those times and really “get away.”

    So glad y’all had such a great time!!

    XO, Jessica

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