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Summer San Antonio Bucket List

When you grow up in an area, you tend to take for granted everything it has to offer.  Even as you hear about new or improved happenings, you may give it a passing acknowledgement, but then go about your business.  Routines are fantastic.  I’m a strong supporter of routines and having regular, familiar places to continually go back to .  There’s a fine line between routine and rut though.

As I was considering what I wanted to do this summer, I was struck with how much of my city and surrounding area I hadn’t experienced- either in several years, or ever.  Places that I hear mentioned on a daily basis, yet never really give more than a passing thought to.

This summer is full of ambitious adventure goals!  Last year, I wrote a list of what I wanted to accomplish during the summer months.  Despite it’s modest size, I wasn’t able to accomplish anything on that list.

Inspired by last year’s spectacular failure, I’ve decided to compile an even more challenging bucket list this year.

summer bucket list


I’m open to any hiking I can get in, but I do have two particular places I want to visit this year. **Edit: It’s 105* outside, which makes it roughly 278* on the Rock, so this is being put off until October.  Possibly November. Thank you, Texas summer…

Image via Texas Parks and Wildlife

Around Texas

Some day trips, and maybe an overnight. Or two.

Image via

Goin’ Junkin’

Image via

Explore San Antonio

There are so many places within San Antonio that I want to explore, because for some reason I just haven’t done it in the past.

Image via

Truthfully, I’m open to any and all adventures that come my way this summer.  I’m ready to explore, expand, and take in everything I can!

**edit:  I’ve recently heard about a ghost town where D’Hanis was originally settled, and there are still structures there. I am DEFINITELY adding this to my list!

What other hidden gems should I add to my list in the San Antonio/ Central Texas area?

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4 thoughts on “Summer San Antonio Bucket List

  1. I love the idea of a summer bucket list. I lived in San Antonio for awhile but was pretty much stuck on campus and hope to get back to explore more someday. I realized I’m starting to settle into my little area and not check out other parts of town so I might have to steal this idea 🙂

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    1. I think it’s a great idea to steal 😉 It’s just too easy to fall into a rut and stop finding new places and adventures. I felt like I needed a good Gibbs – slap upside the head to get me moving outside my designates area again. It’s a good thing 😊 I highly encourage it.

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