Starfish and Inspiration

Hey, friends!

I know…I’m, like, the most unreliable blogger EVER.  I’m so sorry!  At some point, life has to slow down a little, right?  RIGHT???  So much for the lazy days of summer…

But today, I’m super excited!  With my newly re-organized craft room, I’m finally getting my inspiration (and motivation) back.  YAY!


It’s still a work in progress (don’t look at the mess under the table), but you can see Handicraft and Whimsy‘s very first apprentice in the background!

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already caught a peek of my TWO new pieces that have been added to the store.  (I know, right?  It’s either feast or famine around here…) I love them both!  So much!  And for such different reasons.


I’m so in love with how the colors turned out on this and work together.
My apprentice believes strongly in the old school model/presenter method of marketing.  I couldn’t shatter his dreams by leaving this out.

Be Brave

Inspiration and Whimsy all at the same time?  Yes, please!  Plus, if I can incorporate a bicycle, I’m pretty much going to.  Because they’re awesome.
I just really love that it this one can work as an indoor or outdoor sign.  It’s so versatile!

I feel like I’m just getting started, so hopefully soon I’ll have even more good stuff to show you!  You can check out the listings on Handicraft and Whimsy’s shop page on etsy (there’s some other fun stuff over there too!).  I’d love to hear your feedback.  What would you like to see more of??

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Coming up next:  Some local traveling adventures!

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