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Epiphanies From Gilmore Girls and Other Random Thoughts

I was in my 20s when Gilmore Girls ruled the WB.  I absolutely loved everything about the show- the fast-paced, clever dialogue, the relationships, the possibilities…I wanted still want to live in Stars Hollow, with all the crazy characters, charm, and quirk that the town had to offer.

Recently, I found myself turning on a rerun that was playing on the Up network (yes, I still have cable. I love cable…).  I turned it on with a sense of nostalgia.  My first thought- “oh my gosh, this show is so over the top!”  I supposed it was just destined to be a memory locked in time…

But then another episode came on.  And another. And another. And OHMYGODTHISSHOWISFABULOUS!  It has a rhythm and personality all it’s own, and even with certain elements being dated (well hello there, birth of the cell phone and internet!), it holds up.


When I was watching the show in my 20s, I loved the characters, but didn’t particular identify with any single one of them.  Watching it again in my late 30s, I identify so much with Lorelai that it’s almost scary.  Which has also led me to a couple of bizarre revelations.

Lorelai was never as old as I am now. I am literally older than Lorelai.  This blows my mind (having a hard time reconciling that…) She had Rory when she was 16. At the conclusion of the show, Rory was 22 and graduating from college, which would make Lorelai 38.  OHMYGOD. *sigh*


Maybe I was a Christopher.  So, I let someone mess with my head for a really long time (15 years, but who’s counting??).  I had finally decided that I was his “back-burner girl.”  But maybe I wasn’t.  Maybe he just really WANTED it to be me, so we kept coming back to each other, but we just. weren’t. right.

That was a profound realization.  Thanks, Gilmore Girls.

Maybe we all have a little bit of each character in us.  We’re all a little Paris, a little Kirk, a little Luke, a little Babbette. And let’s be honest, Michel is just saying what everyone else is thinking.  But for the life of me, I can’t think of a single insecure character on that show.  They were these crazy people, secure with themselves and their place in the world.  That’s pretty cool, ya know?

I wasn’t on board with a GG reboot on Netflix.  I felt like the show was a special place in time, and that bringing it back- in any incarnation- was just a terrible idea.

But I’ve changed my mind.  I’m in. I am all in.

Maybe the show just gives me hope that someone, somewhere will someday actually understand and appreciate my personality, and be able to play off of it.

That these amazingly complex characters are supremely confident, but don’t have everything figured out.

That women in their late 30s can still be perceived as young, attractive, appealing women.  Whatever it is, Gilmore Girls just really speaks to me right now.

Oh, and I’m totally #TeamLogan. I hope they make this happen.

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Okay, aside from my revitalized GG obsession, a couple more random thoughts for you:

♥ Can I just say, Hallmark Channel knows what’s up.  Has anyone else been watching the Saturday night seasonal movies? They definitely know their audience and are pulling out the stops.

Okay fine, they’re not real deep on substance with them knocking out a new movie every week, but their soundtracks just suck you in- Alphaville (Forever Young), REO Speedwagon (Keep on Loving You)…?? Yup.  They know how to target you. Keep it up, Hallmark!

Funny story–  So, my dad complains (almost incessantly) that my mom only ever wants to watch HGTV.  Now keep in mind he spends most of his day watching reruns of Emergency or some of the Western shows from the 60s and 70s.

Well, when my mom leaves town for a trip (she’s a flight attendant), he turns on HGTV and watches it!  I can’t decide if it’s because he misses her, or because he secretly likes it (I know for sure he likes Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper).

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Okay, I think that’s all for my randomness today.  Are you in for the Gilmore Girls 4-part revitalization on Netflix??

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6 thoughts on “Epiphanies From Gilmore Girls and Other Random Thoughts

  1. So I had never watched Gilmore Girls before, but every one is raving about it right now with the NetFlix reboot coming out over Thanksgiving so I went for it.
    It is season 6 and I am keenly aware that Lorelia and I are the same age and she is so much cooler than I am.
    I am obsessed with the show and watch episode after episode on Friday night to celebrate the weekend.
    However, I currently hate all of Rory’s men. I loved Dean at first and then he ran off and got crazy and married at 18. Jess just seems like that bad boy who is mean to everyone, and Logan seems like that spoiled rich boy who thinks he is too good forever one.
    All the guys kind of suck. – Maybe this is why I am single.

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