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Braving Trust


My obsession with personal development is real and runs deep.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve harbored an endless hunger to learn more about myself, what makes me tick, how to understand others, and how to better myself and the world around me.  I’ve devoured books, internet articles, and even horoscopes, in search of meaning and clarity.

So when my coaching venture guided me to DAILY personal development, I jumped on that full speed ahead!  Thus began my fangirldom with Brené Brown.

A little background on her, just in case you somehow, inexplicably haven’t heard of her yet…Brené is a Ph.D. of Sociology, whose studies focus on vulnerability and shame.  She broke the mold of academia by taking her research and sharing it with the world (instead of just those 12 people who read academic journals…).  She exploded onto the world stage through her groundbreaking TEDx Talk in 2010, and since discovering her, I have voraciously devoured everything I can get my hands on that she has done.

So the last couple of mornings during my get-ready routine, I’ve been listening to this one particular talk of hers, and when it finished, I actually started it over and am watching it again.

Picture_20170602_073504468In it, she talks about a guide to cultivating trust, which she has nicknamed B.R.A.V.I.N.G.  She comes at it with her typical Texas spunk, deep honesty, and real life experiences, and it makes so much sense.

Maybe it just resonates with me right now for my own reasons- it shines a light on things I need to work on- both in trusting others and being more trustworthy.  It helps me understand where trust has gone wrong in past relationships.  It makes me want to start a marble jar! (just wait…you’ll see!)

B.R.A.V.I.N.G is the idiot’s guide we all needed and never knew we always wanted, when it comes to understanding how trust is built, how it is nurtured, what it actually means, and what it doesn’t mean.  Brené makes you think, in very real ways.  And if you ever come across a talk or book of hers, pause.  You absolutely won’t regret it!

Until then, I wanted to share her conversation below.  It’s totally worth the watch.


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