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Dear 2017, Thank You

Dear 2017,

Thank you.  For the beautiful moments, and the bad.  For the new adventures, the challenging times, and the mundane.

In each of these memories, you’ve given me so much.  So rather than saying, “eff you, 2017,” I will take all that you’ve given me, and move forward to new experiences.


And while I appreciate the offer to take you with me into the new year, I respectfully decline.  You see, 2018 will be full of NEW adventures, new experiences, and plenty of new mistakes (of this I am certain).

In the missteps of 2017, I was given the gift of clarity. I recognized the signs you placed in front of me as the purpose for those missteps.  Although I may not have the details worked out yet, I have a clearer plan for my future than I’ve had in a long time.  I have goals, a vision, and excitement.

In the most mundane moments of the past year, I’ve met people who opened my eyes to new possibilities.  Possibilities leading me back to a life of creativity and imagination.  And solid, hard work.  And I’m so excited!  Because that is the world in which I belong.

So, 2017, thank you.  Because of you, I know the changes I want to make in my life, and with time, I know 2018 will help me map the course.  Because of you, my new year will be filled with infinite change, exponential growth, and transformative experiences.  Because of you, I know I can not live a life without creativity.  And so 2018 will be defined by filling my creative spirit.

Thank you, dear 2017.  And goodbye.

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