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Big Changes Are Coming

Hi guys!  And Happy New Year to you!

Well, out of all the things that I’m sure 2018 will be, I feel that for me it will, more than anything else, but a year of transition.  I’m making so many changes in my life this year that I already know about, and who knows what all is out there waiting to happen that I DON’T know about.


First and foremost, I’ll be making a career change.  I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but I recognize that I’m not on the right path, or even one that’ll get me closer to where I want to be.

I’m also making lifestyle changes, so a move is in my future (same city ~probably. Different place).  My goal for that is my birthday, so I’ve got four months to get my act together on the job front!

I’m also pursuing my lifelong love of design and enrolling in an online interior design certification program, as well as getting back to refurbishing furniture- something I’ve done my entire life but it never occurred to me that others could benefit from something I’ve just always done and taken for granted!

Needless to say, my blog will start to look a little different too.  I recently had an epiphany that as a single 40s girl, I have a unique perspective on the world that others might be able to relate to.  So I want to share perspectives and anecdotes with y’all about life as an unexpected single, and share my journey through design, travel, life, and diy.  This space will become a truly unique, multi-faceted lifestyle, design, and diy blog.

So when you start to see changes to this page, don’t panic!  It’s still me.  I’m so excited about the clarity I have in my new vision for this space, and I can’t wait to share the journey with y’all!

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