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Welcome to Traveling Homebody.  Revitalized in 2017, this site was established to be a place to share creativity- from writing to crafting- to connect with fellow travelers and Disney family, and reach new perspectives on life, love, and the world- all within a space that nurtures and encourages fresh thinking and FUN.

When you’re traversing the internet for inspiration- or entertainment- you realize pretty quickly just how much content is out there.  Let’s face it, the world wide web has become a vast and overwhelming place!  If you’re someone who embraces the imperfections of life, who loves life inspiration, honest talk, Disney community, and so many other things (let’s face it- life is multi-faceted, and sometimes variety really is the spice of life), this is a community that welcomes you with open arms!

Life isn’t perfect.  It can be downright gritty and messy and so, so confusing.  40 years

Life rarely goes as planned.  And in case you somehow forget, it will keep teaching you.  But each person’s own glorious path somehow ends up feeling so intentional.  If you’re searching out a place that covets perfection, well…you made a wrong turn somewhere.  This space will never pretend to have it all figured out.  There will almost always be more questions than answers, more mistakes than successes.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun!  (heck, fun is usually what gets us into a mess in the first place, am I right??) 

I’m not out to change the world.  I’m just working toward changing MY world.  I’m thrilled to share my  little hamlet for my personal evolutionary journey.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I found myself, inexplicably, to be a...ahem…maturing single woman.  This page is a literal representation of my love of creativity, writing, learning, thinking, and traveling.  Everything in my world is a work in progress- and this is where I can share my process and adventures along the way.

But first, I want to connect with you.  Have we met yet?  Because there is so much more to share than can be contained within the pages of this blog, and I love meeting new people!  If you’re interested, subscribe or click on any of the icons below to connect:

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And guys…?  Thanks for being here.  I genuinely appreciate it…and you.

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