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Epiphanies From Gilmore Girls and Other Random Thoughts

I was in my 20s when Gilmore Girls ruled the WB.  I absolutely loved everything about the show- the fast-paced, clever dialogue, the relationships, the possibilities…I wanted still want to live in Stars Hollow, with all the crazy characters, charm, and quirk that the town had to offer. Recently, I found myself turning on a… Continue reading Epiphanies From Gilmore Girls and Other Random Thoughts


The Internship I Didn’t Expect

OH. MY. HOTFUDGESUNDAE.  Okay, so the other day in my post, I mentioned that I’d been working on securing my internship for the Fall.  I attended an orientation for Habitat for Humanity and was ready to turn in my paperwork for that internship.  I had applied for another one, but was pretty resigned to not… Continue reading The Internship I Didn’t Expect


Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But There’s No Use Bein’ Late

So, you know how you’ll be in the middle of doing something, and you remember something that HAS to get done ASAP, so you leave what you’re doing to get it done, but once you’ve done what needed to get done, you forget what you were doing in the first place…? Yup. Now that we’re… Continue reading Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But There’s No Use Bein’ Late

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Flashback Friday- Going Home To Disney

Every time I get close to another trip to Disney, I get SUPER nostalgic of my past life there.  I remember memories long locked away, and all the experiences I had in my four years there. So today, I pay tribute to my amazing Disney life, which has given me so much of who and… Continue reading Flashback Friday- Going Home To Disney

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Back At The Crafting Table

Yesterday I was finally able to get back at it, folks!  After months and months and month of having no time for my creative outlet, I was able to spend a few hours surrounded by my beautiful crafting supplies, and an unfinished project from sometime before Christmas. This is the mess I’ve been left with,… Continue reading Back At The Crafting Table

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#TBT- Whatever Happened To Dating?

My first date. I remember it like it was yesterday, and like it was another lifetime ago. I was 15 years old- NOT old enough to date yet- but my parents knew him and liked him, so allowed me to go.  My sister and her boyfriend chaperoned.  It was a disaster and perfect all at… Continue reading #TBT- Whatever Happened To Dating?