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Weekend Walks: What You Tell Yourself Matters

Something came to my attention recently, and it kind of threw me for a loop… I’m wrong sometimes.  About myself. About my body.  About how I see myself versus how things really are. I know… let’s all just breathe.  We’ll get through this together… This was no accidental discovery on my part either.  This was… Continue reading Weekend Walks: What You Tell Yourself Matters

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How Do You Google That? Pursuing Your Dream Life is Hard

Complicated. Perplexing. Confounding. Befuddling.  Confusing. Life. I mean, seriously…what the heck, man??  This ride was a whole lot more fun when I had everything figured out.  Which was approximately immediately before I realized I knew nothing. And since then, it’s like walking into a classroom and being told you have a test that you weren’t… Continue reading How Do You Google That? Pursuing Your Dream Life is Hard

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Braving Trust

HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS!! My obsession with personal development is real and runs deep. As far back as I can remember, I’ve harbored an endless hunger to learn more about myself, what makes me tick, how to understand others, and how to better myself and the world around me.  I’ve devoured books, internet articles, and even… Continue reading Braving Trust

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Weekend Walks: The Curious Practice of Belittling Our Successes

On my weekends, I like to walk.  I can spend more time on my fitness than during the week, and in SA, there is such a small window of time before it gets oppressively hot, so taking my workouts outside just makes me happy. These are the moments that I can really dig into an… Continue reading Weekend Walks: The Curious Practice of Belittling Our Successes

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The True Success of Failure

Yesterday, I posted on instagram about failure and what it has come to mean for me.  And I realized that I actually had quite a lot to say on the subject, of which I just scratched the surface in my post (because, let’s be serious, nobody is going to instagram for the stimulating prose…) Let… Continue reading The True Success of Failure

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Taking Time to Find Myself

Hi y’all!  I know…it’s been FOREVER (last August to be exact) since I last blogged.  There has been so much going on, and hopefully, as I previously promised on my instagram and facebook page,  I can share a bit of that with y’all. First, can we just talk about how fast the last 12 months… Continue reading Taking Time to Find Myself