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The San Antonio Fire Museum- An Unparalled Look Into Our Everyday Heroes

Just a block from the Alamo, in the heart of downtown San Antonio, sits a stately stone building teeming with history and character.  Built in 1938 and once used as the Central Fire Headquarters, this classic historic structure now houses the San Antonio Fire Museum. This fire station is not only embedded in the history… Continue reading The San Antonio Fire Museum- An Unparalled Look Into Our Everyday Heroes

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Summer San Antonio Bucket List

When you grow up in an area, you tend to take for granted everything it has to offer.  Even as you hear about new or improved happenings, you may give it a passing acknowledgement, but then go about your business.  Routines are fantastic.  I’m a strong supporter of routines and having regular, familiar places to… Continue reading Summer San Antonio Bucket List

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What Makes A Good Texan, Anyway…?

In my travels, I’ve gotten to see countless different ways of living and being.  I’ve questioned, and still question, where I belong. I’m a Texas girl.  Born and raised in San Antonio, I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in Texas (minus the years I lived in Florida).  If there was ever a place… Continue reading What Makes A Good Texan, Anyway…?


Summer Lovin’- Plotting Out Adventures

If you’re like me, you think of Summer as a time for planning adventures and trying new things.  My family (generally) tries to avoid travelling during the summer months because it’s just too crazy and hot.  Which makes it the perfect time to discover new things in your own city! I don’t have a lot… Continue reading Summer Lovin’- Plotting Out Adventures

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Time Flies And Other Christmas Traditions…

How in the world did we get to mid-December already???  Weren’t we just right smack in the middle of summer…? Good grief time flies by fast.  And there’s still so much to do before the end of the year! This is going to be such a crazy week.  I have finals on Tuesday (at 7am! … Continue reading Time Flies And Other Christmas Traditions…